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What are you hiding in your suitcase? What hobby or project are you hiding that you want to show us now?

The rules are: It has to be something you haven't told EVERYONE about already. (your social circle/friends is ok.) You get one paragraph.

  • Jon Ho

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    Sep 2 2012: Hmmm, one paragraph... tough one.... but here goes:

    I am an 'illegal' alien on planet Earth who only has 3 and 1/2 months left to bring about as many changes to the human race either through technology or otherwise that will benefit the humans, the planet, and the intergalactic commonwealth.

    And there you have it. ;)

    Edit: Oh wait, you said one paragraph and not one sentence, d'oh!
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    Aug 31 2012: A worrying nausea I get when I tilt my head for a while.
  • Aug 31 2012: Here's mine.

    If you ever in an emotional crisis or stuck for ideas/inspiration, look at what fascinated you as a kid and try recreate it in someway. I began these doodles as a kid, where I'd take a word and abstract it. I realise now it's based on my fascination with "runes" from fairy tales and from the structures I saw peering into microscopes as a kid. This year was my lowest, so I began doing this every month. I make my own private little exhibition, with a new themse every month. It's helped me through a bad time in my life and gave me confidence for an audition recently.
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      Aug 31 2012: Flow is nice,very nice.

      Just off the top of my head,each line is a little journey,cool mate.
      • Aug 31 2012: Thanks. Yes, each one is a journey, I have to let it grow by itself. Sometimes it feels like taking a long walk and then "Pop" a connection is made. Sometimes old memories surface and if I stop a drawing and come back to it, I start thinking/rememebring the exact things I was when I stopped. Only, if I look at the drawing when it's finished I can't say WHAT i was thinking.

        Wow,that felt good. (I was nervous doing this). Give it a try people, show us what you're hiding!!
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          Sep 1 2012: I have artists in my family and i'm quite proud that my cousins chose not to be totally consumed by the machine,of course they have to live and though they are close to the breadline, they wear cloaks far richer than gold.

          Loved the tokyo audition,now....don't take this as a serious critique because it's not but one didn't know what to expect,i thought "Cool,hopefully some flamenco variant" instead i was pleasantly surprised and understood, atleast i think i do.

          Your stage presence during your audition was quite intense, now don't take this in the wrong way but if one really looks at it you could incorporate comedic elements into it because i didn't know whether i was watching someone that was serious or it was designed specifically to be that way,if of course this is offensive and you feel that it would damage the reverence you hold for your work then by all means disregard this totally.

          Just think by incorporating those elements could take you down the path of a modern bard,who knows? potential is everywhere.As a lovely lady says on here "Serendipity happens"

          It was Cool.
      • Sep 5 2012: Ken, I love your feedback. I agree, it can be funny and that was my plan. I love that you picked up on it though. What you saw was was improvised....I never planed to make it so personal and serious. Performing is weird, you have something in mind, but the audience and the atmosphere shifts..and you have to follow, otherwise it goes dead. It's terrifying but the results are worth it. The drawings help me understand and trust this because drawing those lines, I never know how they'll end up but I have to trust it and follow them. If I don't, the result often is dead or obvious. It's worst than the terror of jumping.
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      Aug 31 2012: Agree with Ken about the flow. Very nice but also outstanding sense of balance. I really like them.