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What examples of major efforts to promote edible landscaping, edible urban forests or urban agriculture do you know of?

I am looking for examples of major efforts at urban food production. I am particularly interested in dryland food production. I am working on a project to create a Sustainability Resource Center from a closed school.

The Blockhouse School in Nova Scotia Canada is a similar project

Do you know of any similar projects?

  • Aug 31 2012: I work with a youth led program in Chicago called LETS GO Chicago. It is involved in a nation wide program to build community and the green economy while working on sustainability. We recently began a project called Yard Sharing. Because north side Chicago has no space, we created a network where we went door to door asking people if we could use their yards to grow food and have others from the neighborhood who don't have property grow food in their yards. We currently have 6 yards in a close proximity and are working on more. This effort is to connect lower class people in the neighborhood who don't have land with more upper class residents who have open land while also promoting healthy eating and new views on property. Our dream is too have a neighborhood full of backyard gardens while having people working together.
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    Aug 31 2012: Back in the 60s, my parents had a friend visit from Holland. (I'm in USA). He came here to check out a hydroponic farm in Massachusetts. We had never heard of such a thing. The facility was small, being only 2 stories tall, but it was on the cutting edge of solving the world's food problems. I have since looked for it but don't know where to start - only remembering the words "Massachusetts" and "hydroponic".