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How can mutual acknowledgement and mutual dissection of thought processes derived from past institutions make us "better" human beings?

There seems to be a mutual sense of dramatic change in the future. Religions, philosophies, science all have provided answers to most but not all. Past institutions and thought processes derived from these seem to me to serve us like a giant speder web we are all in and get entangled more so the more we wrecklessly argue, opine, and toss about in it, no matter who you are. How can we align ourselves right now so that a dramatic change may propel us to higher civilization?

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    Aug 31 2012: Some years ago, I began wondering who and WHAT I am. I realized that I wasn't very aware of most of what I was thinking. I realized that I didn't know exactly what emotions were & why I have them, and I didn't understand why we have both emotions and feelings. I certainly didn't know how they could be used for my/our benefit. Since then I have learned about how powerful and meaningful these things are. So I would say that we should focus on the power of questions.

    You may have heard of those who consciously manifest their own realities. I am one of those millions and millions and millions of people. The majority are those who manifest their realities unconscioiusly, so they manifest unintended consequences into their lives.

    If those deliberate (intentional) manifestors can find a believable way to explain how it works, and what is going on when it doesn't seem to be working, lightbulbs would be going on in minds around the world. People would start asking themselves some really profound questions: Am I able to manifest sufficient food for my household? Are we able to, by joining together, manifest rain or peace? If those with the most wretched lives, who see violence as the only way of catching up (or getting ahead), understood that they can do more with the power of peace than they could ever achieve with the power of violence, shouldn't they prefer the more effective power?

    The people could start asking - what is it about our economic model that is causing all the ills that our culture now faces. If we could begin learning now to manifest now, then we can be prepared for the predictable fall of our unsustainable economy. And as we learn now to manifest, we begin to see ourselves as equals, which is essential to living in a healthy society - as all studies show.
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      Sep 1 2012: I agree that with collaboration more is able to be accomplished over the long run, while with competition although speedier is not as capable. I know the question posed is broad. I'm attempting some individual introspection and reflection. I believe if this was achieved at the level of government it could dramatically change for the greater good. Thanks for responding!
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    Aug 30 2012: Hi, Justin. Could I ask for a little simpler articulation of your question?
    Here is how I interpret your question so far:

    Modern life is complex. Religions, philosophy, and science all endeavor to understand our world and use a variety of methods for doing that. But despite these efforts, the modern world remains challenging to understand in full.

    You then ask, "how can we align ourselves?" and I don't know what you are asking because of the ambiguity of the word "align." I think of things aligning with each other or with something, but I don't know what it means for a person to be aligned with another person if that is what you mean.

    I am trying to understand the question.
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      Aug 31 2012: Thank you for your interest. I fear I may not be able to offer any more specificity, however, in the 9th New Collegiate Merriam- Webster dictionary, there is a definition for alignment as "the ground plan in distinction of the profile". I like to think of a mutual concern towards posterity
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        Aug 31 2012: I'm sorry. Let me rephrase. When you say "how can we align ourselves?" what are you asking?
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          Aug 31 2012: No apologies. Thanks for asking!...align ourselves with the best probable estimation of circumstances for life in all it's conceivable capacities to flourish in the future, right now, so that...