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The "Gay" Cure

The California Senate just passed SB 1172 banning the gay cure. The thought on one side is to protect children from interence in their sexual choice. One the other side are parents and the medical profession that say it interfers with parental authority and also with the therapist - client relationship.

I do not want to ask anyone to choose on the "gay" or "straight" issue.

What I am asking is about the government making decisions that were once considered parental decisions, or is there legislated interference into the medical doctor patient relationship.

I am also asking that this be kept a professional exchange of ideas.


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  • Sep 3 2012: The law is definitely as bad as it is ill-defined. How can you possibly ban a generic area of psychotherapy ?

    This is just more of the gays (a group of self-identifying people, let's remember) trying to be a race-like protected class. Society will eventually wise up and reject this.

    If we're going to ban a type of therapy objectionable to LGBT, why don't we also ban all the attempts by LGBT activists to get access to impressionable pre-teens, through their cynical so-called "anti-bullying" efforts. Most parents would be outraged to know that LGBT radicals are attempting to communicate with their young children, behind their backs, while the kids are away at school. (see massresistance.org for how this went down in Massachusetts)
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      Sep 3 2012: "This is just more of the gays (a group of self-identifying people, let's remember) trying to be a race-like protected class. Society will eventually wise up and reject this.'If you replace the word "gays" with the word "jews" does that make your statement more, or less offensive? What about "black" or "chicano"?People who can be "labelled" wouldn't feel the need to label themselves if we all just accepted that people is people.Now I have to take my son to the therapist because he likes soccer......SOCCER!
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        Sep 3 2012: Actually there is a race-like protected class element creeping within the system,why? because i can recognize it from a mile away,an aspect of myself can see it clearly as my own people have found themselves locked into this rather disturbing and separating system,instead of drawing the peoples together it is unzipping down the middle.

        I have 7 gay family members and all of them are naturals except one,i call her class "The Accolyte" and then there is "The Chameleon" a total effeminate male child that suddenly disappoints everyone and goes off and gets married,mannerisms and voice changes completely to the opposite.I've grown up around gay people,my uncle who is the oldest of the group and has the Queen vampire persona says theres a group that needs to be shot,they're going to drag the rest of us into hell,he's had his fair share of bar brawls in his time.
      • Sep 3 2012: Peter, you've just made my point. You CAN'T replace "gays" with "blacks" in my statement because being black is a real, objective distinction. "Jews" maybe, but only if you're talking about religion, not race. The banal point is that gays are a self-identifying group, for which any rich elitist white guy can sign up. We need to reject their attempts to get race-like recognition, protections, and privileges.

        Finally, being pretend-offended is not an argument (yes, replacing what I said with "black" actually IS more offensive).
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          Sep 3 2012: "Finally, being pretend-offended is not an argument (yes, replacing what I said with "black" actually IS more offensive)."
          Not to me. Maybe black and white is easier to identify over there. Here we have Polynesians Aboriginals Malaysians Indian and Afghanis who are all dark but not "black" racially. Over here you call yourself black if you self identify as a member of one of these groups. Now African is different but the only African friends I have are white.
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          Sep 11 2012: Let's correct a misnomer about Jews. Jews are people who practice the religion of Judaism. You can be European, African or a Former Christian and still be Jewish. People who live in Israel are called Israelis. The people who created the religion of Judaism were the Hebrew people of which not many exist, having been interbred with people of other races and cultures.

          Be careful of how you use the title "Jew". Use it only if you are referring to a person who practices the religion of Judaism.
      • Sep 5 2012: With fractional racial ancestry, you're still talking about an actual objective, inherited trait; which is of course deserving of respect.

        How can people possibly confuse that with LGBT, which is a self-declared, self-identifying stance, for which (as I've said) any rich bored white guy can sign up.

        Incredibly, they've manipulated society to the point where being progressive now MEANS accepting the radical LGBT agenda; and accepting all their strange practices as normal. I worked for a company with practically zero minorities, just lots of rich obnoxious vociferous LGBT types and their hags, and it considered itself "progressive". What a sham.

        LGBT is a mockery of civil rights. Their activists are fascistic. Don't be tricked.
        (see massresistance.org)
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          Sep 5 2012: So the fact that you can tell a gay man from a straight man by looking at their FMRI doesn't suggest to you that there are inherited traits involved. Also the fact that you seem to exclusively denegrate white male gay people suggests you really have little contact with gay people. The majority of my gay friends are female, and none of them are rich, some of them are polynesian men who have been raised in the Fa'afafine tradition of Samoa which is thousands of years old. You also seem to think being LGBT is a new phenemenon, do some research on ancient Greece, particularly Sparta.
      • Sep 6 2012: I didn't say all the gays are rich white snobs. I'm saying that the fact that a rich white snob can self-declare as gay, and get automatic victim status and protections -- equating his shameless privileged self to someone who is visibly identifiable as a minority that has suffered generations of discrimination -- that's wrong.

        And it's wrong that "progressiveness" now *primarily* means championing such privileged mean shameless deviant snobs.

        It's a mockery of civil rights. A shameless farce.
        We need to reject the LGBT activists at every turn.

        [ Apparently *still* no charges for nor any meaningful news coverage on Larry Brinkin, by the way :
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      Sep 12 2012: Lint Porter; it is the area of generic psychotherapy that is supporting the law and advising it's passage.

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