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The "Gay" Cure

The California Senate just passed SB 1172 banning the gay cure. The thought on one side is to protect children from interence in their sexual choice. One the other side are parents and the medical profession that say it interfers with parental authority and also with the therapist - client relationship.

I do not want to ask anyone to choose on the "gay" or "straight" issue.

What I am asking is about the government making decisions that were once considered parental decisions, or is there legislated interference into the medical doctor patient relationship.

I am also asking that this be kept a professional exchange of ideas.


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    Aug 31 2012: Is homosexuality even a disease, let alone a detrimental one?

    Though if 90% of the population is homosexual, then that becomes a problem in terms of lack of reproduction...
    • Sep 5 2012: The *concept* of homosexuality as a real, objective trait is a disease in our society -- a contrived piece of liberal idiocy.

      "Homosexual" would mean that there are people who reproduce with the same sex. No such thing !
      No, they reproduce just like us. They are equal as individuals. But their relationships are NOT equal.

      It's a practice; a very strange and subversive practice.

      So definitely no to redefining marriage (marriage!!) ... and parents are correct to try to steer their children in a healthier direction.
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        Sep 5 2012: In that case, "homosexual" was the wrong term that I used. Whatever the term for the definition of sexual attraction of the same sex, that's the term I meant to use.

        And the other argument against this would be, you can't force someone to be someone who they are not. To deny their impulses, feelings, and thoughts, is to deny their humanity.
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          Sep 5 2012: Homosexual is the correct term. Homo=the same and sexual= what sex you are, therefore a homosexual relationship is a relationship between two people of the same sex, it doesn't specify the purpose of the relationship. Some people appear to belive that the only reason you have sex is to reproduce, even though man is just one of many species known to have sex for social reasons.
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        Sep 6 2012: You don't have to have sex to be in a homosexual relationship, just like you don't have to have sex to be in a heterosexual relationship. The terms describe the genders of the people in the relationship, not the nature of the relationship.
    • Sep 6 2012: No, it's not the correct term, Peter; because it's not *sex*. You and the rest of society have been TRICKED into calling what they do "sex".

      We can't let activists control our language; or we'll all start thinking like them (this is already well underway). As soon as we agree that perverse acts are "sex", then we have to treat it as normal, include it as part of "sex education", and all the rest of the problematic consequences.

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