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The "Gay" Cure

The California Senate just passed SB 1172 banning the gay cure. The thought on one side is to protect children from interence in their sexual choice. One the other side are parents and the medical profession that say it interfers with parental authority and also with the therapist - client relationship.

I do not want to ask anyone to choose on the "gay" or "straight" issue.

What I am asking is about the government making decisions that were once considered parental decisions, or is there legislated interference into the medical doctor patient relationship.

I am also asking that this be kept a professional exchange of ideas.


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    Aug 31 2012: The government has legislated on many issues that was once "parental decisions" or "a medical doctor-patient relationship".
    You are no longer allowed to sell your children... many years ago that was a parental right.
    Many things previously thought of as a cure - burning witches if many people in a town fell ill - has now been proven wrong and harmful and there is legislation making it illegal.
    You are no longer allowed to burn people.

    The people against this legislation are arguing from an unscientific point of view - and forgetting basic human rights.

    The "gay cure" is not a cure... not medically speaking.
    The main purpose of the legislation is to prevent harm, and make sure everyone has their own free - including children, who have the right to not being treated for non-illnesses or in other ways abused physically or mentally.
    Adults who wants to be "treated" for their sexuality can seek a therapist... they do not offer a cure, but therapy. And as long as it is harmless and voluntary, people can do what they want.

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