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What education for the future ?

Education is what brings us to the development so what his future

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So, to me, education is about gaining the perspectives. Helping people gain the perspectives to be able to step back and think about the various kinds of things that are going on around them and making decisions of how "Am I going to lean back and just let this stuff happen to me? Or am I going to be highly critical of it.


  • Sep 11 2012: I think e-learning is the future for education globally. There should also be increased funding in the education sector especially in developing countries.
  • Sep 12 2012: this web site is the future of education
  • Sep 3 2012: This is the future we are talking about. Will we really know until it becomes the past?
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    Aug 31 2012: More e-learning, but also more collaborative/social learning.
  • Sep 11 2012: My thought on educations future is: deciplin need to go.

    Simply because deciplin kills creativity.

    When you look at the education system that most of the western world have today, then its very linear. A linear system is a very effective system, you get at lot of educated students out of the linear system. The linear system promote quantity over quality. Without deciplin this system can't simply work.

    My solution is a more organic system, which take care of the individual need. The organic education system promotes creativity.

    This is the future of Education

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    Sep 4 2012: We have to change mindsets to reach desired for the advancement of the asset
  • Sep 4 2012: We should teach logic and common sense beginning in first grade.
    • Sep 4 2012: 'Logic' and 'common sense' are both fine starting points but every child that is ultimately'successful' beyond the confines of structured schooling has developed some fine character traits. By that I don't mean other important human traits (be nice, be honest, etc), I mean the traits that directly affect an individual's ability to push through mistakes, to 'have another go at a problem', for its this tenacity that transcends all socio-economic boundaries.
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    Aug 30 2012: Education needs resources...including a political representative...
    Resources are usually allocated to politicians or on their hands at least!
    Many NGOs tiny or giant (e.g. UNICEF) trying their best to leave no child behind and it seems like it's open-ended thread.