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Finances should be focused on in junior high and high school.

I come from a lower class household and have been homeless on three separate occasions since childhood. When I graduated from high school I entered the military with absolutely no idea what interest was. I had no idea that the credit cards I racked up would leave me living paycheck to paycheck.

I propose that we mandate teaching kids how these things work. How to earn interest instead of paying it. We need to teach them how to build credit and avoid scams.

I know it's up to the parents, but the sad reality is that too many parents in the dark just as much as their children. An intervention is necessary. I learned too late in the game to get far ahead, but I know enough to teach my kids to never go through what I had to go through due to my own ignorance. Unfortunately, I know I'm not the only one.

This is my first post, and thank you for your eyes, hearts and minds.


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  • Aug 30 2012: Yes. I think that since not every one decides to get a further education after high school, i think they should fund it a bit better. Our money management needs new managers.

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