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Should humans ever limit the development of a technology?

What grounds must a technology break in order to be declared illegal? There are 3D printers that can assemble buildings, flying robots that can survey countries, and artificial organs that can dramatically extend the average human lifetime-

should the development of any technology be limited to provide more opportunities to human workforces, restrict weapons development and to force people to live naturally?

Please observe, explain and illustrate.


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  • Aug 31 2012: More. Importance. Should. Be. Given. To. Medical. Research. Than. Space research.
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      Aug 31 2012: A cure for all Human diseases that would allow all Humans to live forever would be meaningless if all Humans were to become extinct from a 10-mile wide asteroid that hit the Earth. Ask the dinosaurs how much medical knowledge would have saved them.

      It's all relative...and subjective...and objective...when it comes to deciding when one thing should be considered more important than another.
      • Sep 1 2012: What you can do when an asteriod is going to hit earth.iam not totally. Against space research.too much money and time. Spend on. Space. Research. Is. Waste simply for geo politics.
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