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If I was to look up, would I be looking at light from the past? If i was to travel there and look at earth would i be looking in the past?

Sort of like a paradox question that questions the perception of time. Every human interpenetrates time differently but measures it the same around the world. We use the Gregorian Calender and it is widely excepted that there are 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day and so on. If I was to look up I would be looking into the past because it takes so long for light to reach earth. So if i was to look at earth from a far star or planet, would i be looking into the past? And yes it does make it a different question depending on how fast you travel to that far star or planet.


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  • Aug 30 2012: So In short it would only be possible to see your past if you could go faster than light. Another question I have is, is every one born with their own time line and if some one was born on another planet would there/ could their version of time be very different because of the position of their planet in rotation of it ect. ??
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      Aug 30 2012: "...is every one born with their own time line...could their version of time be very different..."

      I think it would be more accurate to say that everyone is born with the ability to perceive time, but insofar as perceptions can be "tricked" or misleading, one person's "version" (perception) of "time" could be different than another person's. And one person's perception of time will not even be consistent to themself depending on the circumstances. So even a "Universal Time" could be perceived differently by different people.

      Imagine two separate events that actually take the same amount of time...let's say 1 hour...to complete. If I as an individual am engaged in an activity I enjoy, time can seem to "fly" by much quicker than I would have liked it to..."Wow! That was fun, but it ended much too soon!" But if I was engaged in a different activity that was "boring" to me, the opposite could occur..."Geez! That seemed that it took forever!" Both "times" were the same 1 hour.

      Now, imagine 2 different people engaged in the SAME activity for the SAME 1 hour. One is enjoying it, and one is bored. One of them is going to "feel" time passed quickly, while the other could feel it just dragged on and on and on.

      Kind of like a husband and a wife on her shopping trip for clothes:

      Husband: "Sweetheart, are we done yet?"

      Wife: "Almost dear. I only have 3 more items to try on."

      Husband (quietly to himself): "Somebody please shoot me to end this."

      Yes, the above example is tongue-in-cheek, but what if the husband was able to watch his favorite football team playing a game on a TV screen hung on a wall outside the changing room his wife was in? Would he possibly have a different "perspective" on the passage of the time?

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