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Why is the American public school system so focused on different types of intelligence that outcasts many artists and musicians?

With so much mental issues and medicines suggested upon my generation, why are we not taught the profound importance of creativity and artistic expression on a larger scale?

My experience is that many artist types are also labeled "ADHD" which makes me wonder if this is an error in our society, a superficial label, or even worse, and attempt by those in power to medicate and numb those with vision and artistic abilities that truly transform the world. I don't know or understand this. I simply have experienced 2 decades of thought and observation and participation in many different diagnosis and misdiagnosis.


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  • Sep 25 2012: School systems feel that if everyone has the same set of skills like math or science, then those people can find a good job and make a good life for themselves. They don't see that enhancing ones skill rather than having one develop new skills is more important. I've had teachers that have told me and fellow classmates is that as students we are basically being farmed into something that doesn't better our skills. I feel as though school's should allow students the freedom of choosing what skills they want to enhance whether its playing the guitar or becoming a good mathematician. It should be allowed for us as students to increase the skills we have as a way to better ourselves and make us more ourselves instead of being classified as a norm.

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