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How can we sustain infinite growth on a finite planet?

Human population growth is a serious problem that is growing by ridiculous geometric progression. Everyday approximately 200,000 people die, and in contrast 450,000 are born. That is a staggering 250,000 new mouths to feed everyday! We cannot support infinite growth on a finite planet! We're running out of land. Thousands of square miles of rain forest are gutted every year for palm plantations to produce palm oil so that masses can be sustained. Fresh water supplies are in limited quantities. Polution and contamination abound. Why do people ignore the realities of where we're headed? It frightens the crap outta me. It appears as though the discovery of oil is when things really took off. Oil ultimately led to the internal combustion engine so that huge amounts of land could be cultivated. Pesticides and fertilizers were also made possible via oil to enhance production yields. As well as affecting the pharmeceutical industry to produce vaccines. It's not natures way.

Check out this human population growth chart: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://worldhistoryforusall.sdsu.edu/images/Popn_Graph2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://worldhistoryforusall.sdsu.edu/themes/keytheme1.htm&h=324&w=524&sz=49&tbnid=YSJSr0mYU4gonM:&tbnh=77&tbnw=124&zoom=1&usg=__kIp3FdU9ydMckYq62HCWmiEmqXc=&hl=en&sa=X&ei=2nk9UOvmL8vsigKdhIGwDg&ved=0CCUQ9QEwAQ&dur=655


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  • Dan F 50+

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    Aug 30 2012: This topic needs to be front and center, especially on TED. Thanks for taking it on. I'll try to join in later, right now I'm going fly fishing.
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      Aug 30 2012: My pleasure Dan. Catch a Brownie or Rainbow for me. :-) Stonefly Nymph's and Copper John's are some great flies this time of year, at least in Colorado. Going to hit the South Platte in October when the Brownie's are running. Good luck!
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        Aug 30 2012: I find it a little disturbing that you first ask how to sustain growth on a finite planet, and afterwards give advice on how to fish for fun.

        I do not think that there is an answer for us to sustain our current lifestyles (growth and unrestrained abundance). In contrary I think the answer is to change our lifestyles. To put less emphasis on material wealth and more emphasis om psychological wealth. To think of the consequences of our personal actions and act accordingly.
        Don't get me wrong. I'm not launching a personal attack on you. I'm just trying to underpin that we all (me included) have the power to limit our personal imprint on nature... And nature is ultimately what is supporting the existence of the human species.
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          Aug 30 2012: You obviously have no idea how sportsman contribute financially to the Department of Fish and Game and how that is directly responsible for increased wildlife populations. Most fisherman utilize a catch and release policy anyway. If there was any danger to a species, the ability to hunt or fish it would be regulated and enforced. Even though thousands of deer are hunted every year, there is an overwhelming number that exist, which is why many states have authorized hunters to take two or even three. And the food is consumed, deer sausage is amazing. I'm sure your ancestors hunted and fished for sustenance.
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          Sep 23 2012: Yes.

          It is a question of lifestyle.
          We need a lifestyle that leads us happily for ever to keep our DNA alive.
          This style is well proven by our ancestors 1,000 years ago.

          That is, be happy validly!

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