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Streamline Travelling - Airport App

As a frequent traveler who lives right next to Zurich Airport just do not want to spend more time at the airport than absolutely necessary. For me all the shops, boutiques, bars and cafes have lost their spark and I do not particularly enjoy hanging around the airport. That is why I arrive at the airport 45 minutes before departure instead of the recommended 90 minutes.
However it happened to me more than once that I missed or nearly missed my flight due to high traffic at the check in or security check.
In order to resolve this problem we want to design an application which offers the following
 Real time information about possible delays on the way to your gate - Departure (waiting time in front Check-in, Security Gate etc.)
 Real time information about possible delays on the way out of the airport – Arrival (waiting time at baggage reclaim, customs etc.)
 The app will also display the latest tome for arrival at the airport in order to catch your plane
 The app will also guide you through the airport towards your gate

The customer could then arrive at exactly the right moment and won´t be wasting time at the airport. When arriving at the destination that traveller could inform the person picking him up that there is a delay at customs for example so that he is not waiting there for no reason.

How does it work ?
One way how this could work is that we measure the number of smartphones who constantly send data across the ether in and around those points where we suspect high human traffic. Otherwise one function could be that the user themselves enter the approx. waiting time for the other users to see. One incentive for them to do so could be flying miles.
Checkin waiting time can be estimated by the airlines themselves.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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    Aug 29 2012: I think you hit the nail on the head with smartphones who constantly send data. It could tell you congestion at checkpoints, which checkpoints are less congestioned than others (as some airports have multiple checkpoints for any given terminal), and even overall airport congestion, where parking may be an issue. You may have to partner with someone like Google, who has millions of users on Google Latitude, which constantly pings location, if the user so chooses.