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Do you find it difficult to engage in intellectual conversations with people in general?

It happens to me all the time. My wife encourages me to have dinner with her friend and her friend's husband. "It's the opportunity to socialize and meet new interesting people!", she proclaims. And yet the same boring conversations unfold. The guy rambles on about how many yards this guy ran, and how many interceptions this guy threw, and did you see how many spiders that guy ate on Fear Factor, etc, etc. I ask something like, "Hey, did you see that they possibly discovered the Higgs Boson at the LHC?" And the guy looks at me like I'm from Mars, "The LH what?". Then my wife makes a comment like I'm a nerd then everyone laughs. I'm far from a social misfit or hobbit, I just prefer to discuss things that stimulate me intellectually. I hope I don't offend anyone for saying so, but most of the time I feel like I'm surrounded by people that are intellectually challenged, to put it kindly. And maybe that's just it, if you consider that the average intellectual quotient is around 100. They're easily entertained and amuzed to watch television shows cataloging the "real world" of college kids living in a house together, arguing over who got the most trashed the night before at the club.


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    Sep 23 2012: I have the very same problem here. I would say something like "Have you heard the piece on BBC about molecules traveling faster than light? That means time travel will be possible in the future" and they'd look at me with flat faces then say something like "O...Kay" and go back to mundane conversation about who did what and when. It's frustrating sometimes but I realized, recently, that I've started to accept the mundane and join in. I suppose that's why I often converse with my father and find myself on TED. The truth is, though, it's 'nerdy' to have stimulating conversations and those who do are often misfits.
    • Sep 23 2012: Where can I find the Molecules traveling faster than light on the Internet ? .. Looks Fantastic. Yeah, I have the same problem in Texas. Although, for a different reason, I've a PH.D in Physics, I can teach them why molecules travel faster than the speed of light. Why the Sky is blue. And just for grins, why the wine is red. :)
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      Sep 24 2012: your problem can reflect a lot !
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      Sep 27 2012: This is exactly my problem! My interests are more on the philosophy side, but i find whenever you bring up an interesting new theory, sometimes controversial, people aren't even curious. that's the bit i cant stand. The lack of imagination people, and their dry satisfaction with the boring things around them.

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