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Technology, where should be its destination?

I think it is undeniable that technology is accelerating really fast.
And I think that the whole economy system will depend more and more on
the development of technology.
I believe that "the invisible hand" is what makes people to demand technology:
one's avarice to serve, comfort, and love oneself.

Imagine that , one day in the future, you received a gift from someone for your birthday! You have no idea what it's for, so you look at the manual.
Assume that it says, "It will realize whatever you want in the virtual reality; it will perfectly actualize the situation that you want in order to give you an ultimate pleasure for your entire life time! However, if you want to be part of this 'Utopia', you won't be able to communicate with your husband/wife, daughter, son, or your best friend because you will never be able to recognize the reality anymore :( "

What would you do? Would you give up your family and close friends?
Assume that the machine will keep detect your highest demand, so you will be able to see your family and friends in virtual reality, but your family and friends will actually lose you. They won't be able to talk to you. Simply, it's like living as a vegetable

You might think I have gone too far, or you might think I am a weird guy who watched the movie "the Matrix" too often. (I have watched it 'only' twice lol)
However, if someone had talked about i-phone 20 years ago, people would not response seriously. They would think he was insane.

My question is this!
I think technology is neutral.
But I believe that there are two ultimate destination that it can pursue:
selfish pleasure vs selfless love
Technology can be a great tool to assist either purpose which are inherent and compatible in every human's desire.

Where should be its destination?
How should it be used?
what is your opinion???

p.s. English is my second language, so there might be some grammatical errors :( If you had a hard time to understand above questions, sorry for that!!


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  • Sep 17 2012: "Technology", a word with 10 letters but afraid had to explain the use of letters.
    Its just like a quote 'What you give, that you get'

    The destination is not of technology its of the satisfaction of human beings.
    Believe or not, we want, we developed and we used.

    So, its not the destination of technology, its our destination!! Human mind is itself a technology!

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