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what activities should a University Economics Club do ?? =)

I'm the president of a new founded club mainly for the Economics Students in the British University in Egypt. I wonder what are the activities or events that would be fun and fruitful at the same time. I would be grateful if you share ideas with me ....thank yooou =)

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    Aug 28 2012: Don't forget to do a search of what other college economics clubs are doing!
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    Gail .

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    Aug 29 2012: I would think that it should discover the nature of the current economic model, predict when and how it will fail, and discover alternative economic models to replace it. It would be healthy to design a culture that does not use money - even in barter form. Then challenge the model
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    Aug 29 2012: How about playing Bloons Tower Defense and try to teach economics through that game? lol

    Ok more serious answer, what about trying to analyze the current economic situation, talk about current events in economics, and maybe find some economic experiments to do somehow...

    More business side, what about trying to buy some stocks or do some startups, though I'm not sure that has that much to do with economics...
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    Aug 28 2012: Establish a communist regime.
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    Aug 28 2012: Start a business, and learn about the local ordinances, taxes, and fees you will have to deal with. Then compare other local economies, and other countries to see, where your business could theoretically be most profitable. Look for incidentals, region stabillity, violence, xenophobia, etc. as all of these things can have an unpredictable effect on the bottom line. Then, after doing all this, figure out how much it would cost to do business, right where you are, locally, in a way, that helps the local economy, and improves the regions stabillity.

    In order to successfully turn a profit, you will need to be able to provide your consumer with enough value added services, or local flavor, and craft skill, to make up for the disadvantages, your local economy may face. By being a business which improves the local economy, rather than maintaining it however, you can develop an incredibly loyal customer base, willing to pay a bit extra for your product, in the long term.

    As far as businesses... Portable solar concentration is the next big thing. Fresnel lens... They get really hot though, and it's labor intensive. Starting a business may seem more like an activity for the business club, but it's not anymore. In attempting to see the impacts of economic theory, in practical reality, you will develop a whole new respect for it, and better understand how to actually improve local businesses through economics. At least that would be my suggestion.