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Is love simply for the purpose of furthering the human race?

There are several factors that can lead to a man and a woman loving each other. The first and most materialistic of these factors is physical appearance, from height, to weight, to face. However love can also be based on personality, most people are drawn to kind, funny people. This last factor doesn't necessarily relate to evolution or instinct in any way. However, the first factor indicates that our natural instincts (like animal's) direct us to attractive people of the opposite sex who would be the best option in creating further generations of your family and race. However gay, lesbian, and bisexual people go against this deduction, because a person of your same gender would be unable to assist you in procreating. And there is also the additional group of people who simply don't want children. Therefore, my question is, is love biological, and simply for the purpose of furthering the human race, or, have humans evolved past having instincts? Any views you have on this would be beneficial.

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    Apr 19 2011: love is an emotion essential for the hope of a better future.
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    Mar 24 2011: I am not sure about the purpose of love- but I love it.
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    Mar 21 2011: i think most of the things we do is for the purpose of furthering human race.
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    Mar 21 2011: Love?


    Furthering or Fathering;-)

    Short opinion = YES

    I think that a term exists that states - All our actions are designed to procreate to the best of our ability

    Anyone know of this term?


    • Mar 30 2011: that's very interesting, and possible. However, I would like to believe that humans can love for reasons other than procreating.