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How can America get out of this mess?

The world needs America to function and what is MORE - we want you to work.

Your own Brene Brown has already told us all how it is done
and believe me we ALL needed to learn this lesson.

I want to hear your story, your input and your ideas or your reactions, please.


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    Aug 29 2012: I do not know why it will not allow it but I have repeatedly tried to enter her talks in the box above in the proper spot and each time they paste in but are not there when I check the final product after I press submit.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity to again share a life altering talk:



    BTW Brene Brown decribes herself by her family motto: LOCK AND load.
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      Aug 29 2012: One of the neat attributes of the internet is that you can control the flow of comments to make yourself look better. Politicians do this all the time. The news media are champions at it.

      They do it here at TED.

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