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How can America get out of this mess?

The world needs America to function and what is MORE - we want you to work.

Your own Brene Brown has already told us all how it is done
and believe me we ALL needed to learn this lesson.

I want to hear your story, your input and your ideas or your reactions, please.


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  • Aug 28 2012: America has forgotten who America is
    We have forgotten why America was founded
    Why we were here in the first place.

    "We believe that all men are created equal"

    It means we have the right live free from fear
    It means we have the right to live free of oppression
    It means we are free to pursue what makes us happy.

    For generations after our country's founding, They all have sacrificed and risked to imagine, invent and advance this great experiment.
    They all invested in this nation, because they believed in it.

    Those came before us have given us. It is something extremely valuable; something to protect and nurture.

    All the inventors in their laboratories, the creatives who imagined and the visionaries who guided the way: Alexander Bells, the Benjamin Franklins, the Henry Fords, the Thomas Edisons, the Orville and Wilbur Wrights, the Abraham Lincolns, the John F. Kennedies, the Ralph Waldo Emersons, the Walt Disneys, the Walter Cronkites, the Thomas Jeffersons, and all the others whose names history did not record.

    Enough pointing fingers and enough blaming others for our situation. It is not about government's responsibility or a corporation's responsibility or Republicans or Democrats. It is OUR responsibility - we the people.

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      Aug 28 2012: America may have forgotten but that is the beauty of first hand documents and Frank Cappra movies. YOU can ALL remember and be proud again. Why not?

      These point are good but not the most important:

      "For generations after our country's founding, They all have sacrificed and risked to imagine, invent and advance this great experiment."
      They all invested in this nation, because they believed in it.

      The most important ones right now are simple. What are you persoanlly willing to sacrifice of your own insistant vision to get the train back on track? What about stopping thinking it is THEY and knowing it is US?

      What about putting each other as people and lives first. Some of your TV shows are demonstrating the way with people building houses. Even your past presidents are working with Habitat for Humanity. Weild a hammer. Rebuild the burned out homes like my friend Conservative Bob does (even with 8 kids- conservative? I only have 5!) Other generation DIED now it is time for all of you to LIVE -not some plastic life propped up with the steroids of other people's pain but the good natural life that comes of your own labours. LIVE!
      • Aug 28 2012: I stole these words from Simon Sinek and did left out the US part

        Those who came before us, all those who made this nation great, took responsibility to do something. Now it's our turn.
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          Aug 28 2012: HURRAH!
          Yes, Steven and I know and you know that it CAN be done!
      • Aug 28 2012: We can start by the work people do.

        Statistic say 90% Americans dont like their job

        Why people dont like their job? Is it because the work they love to do is payed less?

        Or it is the people they work for are @sses.

        But only few people know why they do it.
        Only few people are fulfilled by the work they do end of the day.

        Yes we need to put food on the table .......Yes to support the family
        But that is not the reason why people love what they do
        They are not doing it for the pay check.

        They wake up from bed because they love it.
        They work for blood, sweat, and tears for the things they love to do.
        They love to do it everyday.
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      Aug 28 2012: Alexander Bell was Scottish. Just sayin.
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        Aug 29 2012: Not much I disagree with you on Peter but he was born in Scotland and his home is well preserved - the place he invented the telephone - is in BRANTFORD Ontario,Canada. Come and visit and I will personally take you there for a tour.

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