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How can America get out of this mess?

The world needs America to function and what is MORE - we want you to work.

Your own Brene Brown has already told us all how it is done
and believe me we ALL needed to learn this lesson.

I want to hear your story, your input and your ideas or your reactions, please.


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    Aug 28 2012: All Americans should be sent to live in another country for a year. Then they might realise that saying "America is the greatest country in the world" over and over doesn't make it true. Then you wouldn't have to be the world police you could let some one else do that. You wouldn't have to artificially prop up your economy so you can marvel at how you are the biggest economy in the world. You could let China become the biggest economy without regret. Relax America it's OK to come second!
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        Aug 29 2012: That was great!
        I wonder how Foxnews covered that.
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      Aug 29 2012: America is still the best because we've got all of you stuck here with us : p

      Our policy, government, military, etc... suck... but we still got mad flava.
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        Aug 29 2012: What did I tell you? Beware ticking off or outthinkiing the Randians or the WOOOWOOO Enlightened ones for they will call in the Chamberlains to vanquish you by the letter of the rules but not by the SPIRIT which is indomitable.


        Who is making a mess now?

        Arthur Neville Chamberlain FRS (18 March 1869 – 9 November 1940) was a British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940. Chamberlain is best known for his APPEASEMENT foreign policy, and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Germany. When Adolf Hitler continued his aggression by invading Poland, Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, and Chamberlain led Britain through the first eight months of the Second World War.
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      Aug 29 2012: America has the largest military budget on the planet with more bases in more countries than any other nation. Our children spend loads of time in these other countries, mixing and examining the different cultures and ideas these countries support.

      When American soldiers first entered Somolia, it was an errend of humanity. They were shot at and some killed, even though they had orders not to fire back. Of course that effort failed and the troops were withdrawn.

      Many people see Americans as men and women in a uniform with a weapon slung over their shoulder. They are only kids who had a childhood and were raised to respect their freedom and taught that they had a responsibility to share that ideal of freedom with the rest of the world. They take this seriously and are like any other kid in any other country, they are affected by their interactions with other people.

      We have a good idea of what other cultures think and feel. We study them in school and our parents talk about their experiences overseas.

      We spend a lot of time overseas because there is no other nation wanting to take on the job of keeping the peace. Sometimes keeping the peace is a simple matter of posturing and sword rattling. When the world becomes a more peaceful place. We will be among the first to melt our swords into plow shears.

      If Canada wants to pony up and increase their military presence in the world, we will be more than thankful for their participation. That goes for any other democratic nation in the world.

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