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How can America get out of this mess?

The world needs America to function and what is MORE - we want you to work.

Your own Brene Brown has already told us all how it is done
and believe me we ALL needed to learn this lesson.

I want to hear your story, your input and your ideas or your reactions, please.


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  • Aug 29 2012: America was founded on genocide. It was not discovered, it was stolen. After the mass murder of millions of native peoples, they went to far away lands and stole other races of people to build the country with free labor.
    These facts always seem to be left out of the discussion. People of color know that America may be be the best Country, but have no misconceptions about the foundation and roots of the country.
    Our old rulers have been replaced by corporate rulers that drive business to relocate jobs for cheap labor, leaving little if any hope to climb the economic ladder.
    I truly and honestly believe that we are on a downslide that we will never fully recover. Quality of life continues to go down for the poor and what is left of the middle class. I feel like the ruling class are now acting like scavengers who are picking off of the bones of what is left. Sorry to bring everyone down, but it's the reality that I know in my own life.
      • Aug 29 2012: Thanks for the link. As a person with native roots, I know about the damage that has been done to native peoples all over the country and the world. My father's Abenaki roots are from Canada and New England. There are almost no traces of true culture left other than those who seek it out through historical research. My father's family assimilated and didn't discuss our heritage out of fear and shame. It was only after meeting relatives that wanted to talk about who we are, did I discover the true roots of my father's family. I was amazed to see the analogy of the "taking the best meat". I thought it was close to my analogy of scavengers picking the bones of what is left. I really feel that way and there is a deep sadness within cultures that have been colonized and broken apart. It lies beneath the surface and can be seen in the faces of the defeated people.
        The bottom line is that when push comes to shove, the government will take what they want. I have never had any misconceptions about that. It's hard to buy into the notion of the American Dream without remembering that while it's nice to dream, we have to remember the real past and how it affects us in the real present.
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      Aug 29 2012: Having watched Debra's link below it all sounds too familiar from an Australian point of view. We are trying to "fix" it I think. Ilook across the "ditch" to New Zeland for inspiration. They seem to have managed to come out the other side without genocide or civil war. It is one of the things I admire in my Kiwi neighbors.
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        Aug 29 2012: Canada has the same British heritage and shame with 14 or more separate Indian Nations.

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