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What defines a good leader?

Why are some people better leaders than others? Personality? Trust? Idealism? Why do people follow leaders throughout their careers?


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  • Mar 31 2011: Leaders are chosen by others because they reflect the beliefs and inspire their followers. Original thinkers, innovators, are not necessarily leaders per se. One must believe in the tenets that a leader not only professes but actually lives in daily life...a leader is authentic. So many so called leaders have fallen from grace because they have not executed on the beliefs that elevated them to the role. One only has to peek into the realm of politics for examples. A question I continually ask: since we are all human, and therefore not perfect, can we maintain the role of leader holding true to our beliefs 100% of the time or are we inherently subject to fail? What is the cost of perceived failure on the leader's position?
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      Mar 31 2011: I think very few can uphold their beliefs in the long run, that is why we have terms for our politicians and so on...
      People need to accept that no one is perfect and make the best of it.

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