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Do you think there is a benefit in providing a percentage of courses within every college free and online?

With the rising of educational costs and the competitiveness, the socioeconomic gap will continue to be wider unless there is a philanthropic mandate post-graduation to ensure that generations to come are not existing with a disconnected view of society and more importantly people that can contribute to our overall progression.


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  • Sep 26 2012: I am talking about my country INDIA. Though the government claims 100% literacy in the country, there are still some pockets which are poverty ridden. Children from these places go bear footed to colleges especially girls. Its a very pathetic situation. Even to date some children are working for a living when they are supposed to be studying. So if education is free upto the level of Masters Degree, the deserving shall be very gratefull for those creators and initiators of this policy. Care should be taken in parting with cash to individuals who tend to help the needy, destitute women and orphan children seeking help in higher studies. There greedy men who pocket the money and goodies which come from uk, usa, etc. in the names poor children. I have heard of man who used sell milk powder received freely from denmark which otherwise should have been given to the poor children & women who are supposed to be under his care. Well there is a cancer called corruption which exists in every country and shields some of these humans(monsters) who should have been lawfully punished. This story is approximately 40 years old. Corruption is like a lemon which has been pickled. Lemon is our world and the pickle is the saucy corruption. Once the corruption is erradicated, we can imagine real free education. Because in our country if somebody has anounced a free gift, you got to pay the concerened authorities to enjoy the freebee. Happy Conversing! God Bless us all.

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