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Do you think there is a benefit in providing a percentage of courses within every college free and online?

With the rising of educational costs and the competitiveness, the socioeconomic gap will continue to be wider unless there is a philanthropic mandate post-graduation to ensure that generations to come are not existing with a disconnected view of society and more importantly people that can contribute to our overall progression.


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    Sep 2 2012: Yes. In fact, as listed below, there are some resources readily available and focused on independent learners! http://www.academicearth.org/ & www.http://ocw.mit.edu/ . I have found myself brushing up on certain subjects, as well as gaining perspective and insight on foreign subjects I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to explore. Perhaps the next step is to make independent learning viable in the workplace today, or perhaps it is the responsibility of the independent learner to utilize what they have learned themselves. As we live in this technological age, we have the great opportunity to expand the classroom from physical geological coordinates to the beautiful world wide web. TED.com itself has contributed greatly to this initiative! Let us feed the fire and keep it going!

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