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Do you think there is a benefit in providing a percentage of courses within every college free and online?

With the rising of educational costs and the competitiveness, the socioeconomic gap will continue to be wider unless there is a philanthropic mandate post-graduation to ensure that generations to come are not existing with a disconnected view of society and more importantly people that can contribute to our overall progression.


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  • Aug 29 2012: A lot of universities and bodies are already doing that, there is Cousera and MIT, which offer free courses. Also Antioch College in Yellow Spring, Ohio, is offering free tuition to all students who enroll in the college in the next three years.

    At anytime, anyone can go online and equip themselves on various informational tools at any time from one of these sources and the web in general, you tube, etc. But the question still remains, how can one get free online certified education.

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