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Do you think there is a benefit in providing a percentage of courses within every college free and online?

With the rising of educational costs and the competitiveness, the socioeconomic gap will continue to be wider unless there is a philanthropic mandate post-graduation to ensure that generations to come are not existing with a disconnected view of society and more importantly people that can contribute to our overall progression.


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    Aug 28 2012: In several countries education is completely free - benefiting society by having more people in education and more people working. And thereby paying back their fees through taxes.
    • Aug 29 2012: Our contry has so called free education system. But it is not as shiny as it looks at first glance. Through your lifetime you more than pay for your school through several taxes. They may look small in monthly amount of money paid for it - but in a lifetime the amount gets quite big, And that can be also problem for people who do not even use the possibility of schooling and do not go to any school after primary. They actually pay the study for others without any direct profit for them (There can be an indirect --> as you said society benefits by having educated people in their country).
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        Aug 29 2012: In Scandinavia education if free, and most people (around 80%) takes at least High school/college or equivalent.
        It is mandatory to attend school (or be home school and pass exams) from approx. 6 till 15-16 years old.

        I do believe the high percentage getting degrees or diplomas/certificates is due the education being free.
        This allows children from all walks of life to get an education and is a big part of creating a stable economy.

        I do believe other countries would benefit from free education for all. And pay through taxes.
        Education benefits us all, and we all benefit whether directly or indirectly.
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          Aug 29 2012: In the United States we have free public education as well through what is called twelfth grade. It is mandatory to attend school here also until about age fifteen or sixteen, I think, but families can also choose to homeschool their children.
    • Aug 29 2012: can you help me please to improve my english?

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