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Is extreme right-wingism/conservatism simply a result of collective Rhypophobia?

With an apparent increase in Government vs People activities happen all over the globe, it is often seen that Government laws are working to create a more "sterile" society, and the Christian crucifixion of people for being outspoken is becoming more tolerated and widespread. But is this type of fear/control from such organizations just a hyper-form of Rhypophobia, as employment often occurs from recruiting those of like-minded nature? Are we mistaking "order" with a fear of filth?

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    Aug 27 2012: I don't believe that exteme right-wing views stem from a fear of filth. First of all, I think that anyone who is extremely biased to one side, be it left or right, is dangerous. These individuals tend to follow ideals based purely upon party affiliation and do so with a high emotional content and are extremely closed-minded. Decision making and logic are highly compromised when emotions are involved. They have a direct impact on our neocortex's ability to make sound logical decisions. I personally prefer to say I am an independent. I share views from both parties. I feel that most conservatives seek traditional values that defined America and set it apart from the rest of the world. However, extreme right-wing views are ridiculously archaic and suppressive. Likewise, extreme left-wing ideals are economically smothering due to the amount of special interest funding and welfare programs. Look at California's economy, basically bankrupt. A happy medium is best. Take off-shore drilling and ANWR for example. The need to extract and supply our own oil could be very economically stimulating at this time. The footprint of a well in ANWR would be very minimal compared to the thousands of square acres available and could be strictly monitored and enforced by EPA with the penalty of heavy fines for infractions. Oil companies would be forced donate a share of profits to wildlife funds and research. Enforce a cap on the price per barrel from any oil extracted from ANWR to prevent price gouging. Offer them bigger incentives for research in alternative energy and working with automobile manufacturers to produce more hybrids and fuel efficient vehicles. Maybe a 20 year plan to decrease oil production by 75%. We just have to work together and compromise. Make smart decisions that are best for future generations.
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      Sep 4 2012: I have a friend who spent some time in a Buddhist monastery, and was the one who sparked my interest mostly through the works of Chogyam Trungpa. Unlike my friend, however, I am not an activist, and he recently joined the OCCUPY group in Brisbane. I saw him recently and asked him how it was going, and he said "Unbelievable. These particular occupy people think that the solution to being oppressed is to go to war to oppress the oppressors. They're just as bad!" It's interesting to see that the same desires are expressed in different ways through extremism.
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    Aug 27 2012: it can be a good explanation for increased demand for government intervention. instead of solving problems, we try to outlaw them, suppress and hide.

    however, increased government intervention is not a rightist thing. it is pretty much the same on the left, if not more so. for example in the US, neither side is willing to reduce the size of government, but as of now, the right is slightly more willing, at least they say so.
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    Gail .

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    Aug 27 2012: It makes no difference what the fear is "of". It's the fear that is the problem.

    Fear has very real consequences in the human brain. The amygdala (the fear/anxiety center) goes crazy with activity in the presence of fear. As it does, chemicals are released, and access to the frontal cortex (the rational, executive center that makes long term decisions) is blocked. This begins a vicious cycle which causes a population to appear to be becoming more and more stupid because they react to fear rather than make rational long-term decisions.

    Many Governments around the world (yours and mine included) know this and have conducted their own studies. So are they not encouraging you to meditate - to improve your health - to increase your IQ - to improve your self esteem and ability to think rationally? Because if too many people do, those who own your government will suffer and you might bring down the entire economic system (that is failing anyhow).

    Studies have shown that those 45+ who meditate 2ce/day spend 87% less in medical expenses than a control group and over 60% less than the general population. So the insurance lobby and Big Pharma don't want you doing this. The military industrial complex - including the banksters - don't want you to know this because WAR is so profitable. Their lobby is even greater.

    Governments, charities, churches, and politicians all know that FEAR is a POWERFUL motivator, so they use it against you for their own purposes. We have a fear-driven global culture held firmly in place by those who PROFIT from your inability to think rationally.

    Thankfully, it is known that if you start meditating, you can undo the damage done to you. Your IQ can raise by as much as 6 pts (so far). Your general health and self-esteem will vastly improve. Your creativity will return to you. A new kind of "order" will become visible. You will no longer support war, being able to see insanity for what it is.

    In US, xtianity very helpful to gov'ment
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      Sep 4 2012: Could we say that almost everything we have become has been through the result of having fear and trying to attain a position of no fear, be it through calmer methods of release and internal peace, or through social creations like religion and science, and even more drastic measures of absolute control from extreme political governance?

      Your reply makes a lot of sense. I began studying meditation 2 years ago, and without understanding why, I have become more and more aware of society's replacement of the appreciation of simplicity for quantity and "efficiency" (I use "" because efficiency is a matter of perspective). This sounds very much to be the modern way of saying "Jesus is in all of us" and "We are all one".
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        Gail .

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        Sep 4 2012: Your response confuses me somewhat. Religions do not bring peace. Just look at history. Oh, some might - like Hiawatha, until the European Christians arrived in America, ending more than 300 years of peace, but the three religions born of Abraham, there is far too much fear and aggression to quality as peaceful religions.

        The only thing to fear is fear itself, so fear becomes a choice - and one that most Abrahamic religions do not want their members making, because peace doesn't serve the power structure or the economics of the religions.

        I don't see science as a social creation. I believe that curious people study the world around them. Science is nothing but a study. I am shocked to keep reading of people who conflate science and religion when they have absolutely nothing in common.

        I would not use the words "Jesus is in ...", but I could use the word "The Christ" - which is something far grander. Where the kingdom of heaven is with us (according to Jesus), I am one-with the kingdom/heaven whenever I choose to be. Jesus was also one-with it when he walked the earth.

        I think the cricifiction story (that I am convinced [based on evidence] is made up) is a terrifying thing to consider. Here was a man who had ready access to the power of peace, but God would have him tortured to death to save me from sins that I don't know about? If he'll do that to his most beloved son, what is he willing to do to me? Oh ---- Eternal writing pain without end - burning without being consumed for all who do not follow the leaders' instructions. Sounds like fear-mongering to me.

        But whatever works for you. I am an ex-christian, having become aware of how much damage Christianity was doing to me, let alone my fellow human beings.
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          Sep 5 2012: Religion itself will not bring peace, nor will it bring war. It is the way an individual (or group thereof) perceives and acts out their religious beliefs.

          In terms of Buddhism and Christianity, neither were created as religions by their protagonists, but were just better ways to approach life with fundamentals very similar to our modern Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Unfortunately human ego turned these notions into religion, and so quite often religion just becomes another way of creating power over others, which was exactly what Jesus/The Christ, Bodhisattva, The Dalai Lama and even Brian were NOT trying to get across to the general public in the first place.

          There is, however, and fantastic book called The Ornament of the World by Maria Rosa Menocal that illustrates a time when Christians, Muslims and Jews all lived together in peace and cultural tolerance. It is a fine example of how it is the wearer of the religion, and not the religion itself.
  • Aug 27 2012: Build a ballpark and they will come.