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What does the cosmos want?!?!?!?

I know this topic is not meant for a web-text-conversation, that it´s deeply existential and answers are probably only perceivable through feeling rather then thought, but perhaps we could try anyway, and explore the semantics of it together. Cosmic revelations are definitely worth sharing :)

Kevin Kelly talks about the tendency of cosmos to evolve into higher levels of organization and increase in exotropy. Cosmic technology, "particles" or whatever it is, evolves on a trajectory towards higher levels of order, increased beauty and information richness, basically continuing until matter comes alive to contemplate it´s own existence... So... There´s a question that keeps echoing in me: Why???!? What IS is the cosmos WANTS?!?!?

Why are YOU here? Not your body, YOU... The YOU that exists in souls/minds/connectomes across four degrees of separation. (Only counting human minds...)

What does the cosmos want? Why is the cosmos? Why are WE here?

EDIT: There are semantics on this subject all over google, but we could discuss it anyway, perhaps we will accomplish some novelty... :)

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    Aug 27 2012: Let me attempt to answer with relevance to the TED mission. The Cosmos wants everything from us. It expects us to unleash our unlimited potential upon the universe to harness the beautiful harmonics of the galaxies. If you tune out the noise and focus you senses outward, perhaps you too will hear those harmonics.

    digital hugs ;)
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    Gail .

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    Aug 27 2012: My guess is that cosmos wants to know the same thing as I want to know. Who am "I"? What are my potentials? What do those potentials fulfilled look like?
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    Aug 27 2012: Hello Johan,
    Your question, and Wade's comment reminds me of this....

    "... For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life...United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do — for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder....So let us begin anew — remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear....But let us never fear to negotiate....Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belabouring those problems which divide us...Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.... Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce....let both sides join in creating a new endeavour, not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved. And so...ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."
    (from John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961)

    Perhaps the Cosmos wants some of the same things?
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    Aug 27 2012: We are born, we are sure to die. I don't think the universe wants anything from us. But I think God, the creator of the universe, wants to know what you really are. Are you a human being that he made you to be? Or are you an evil entity? An enemy of God, dedicated to evil?
    We have our entire life to determine what we will become; and we determine this by our choices. And the world and its evils and its unfavourable circumstances, are part of the test.

    Just like human beings do not admire or approve those who have excuses for their failures (no matter how good the excuses are, we always celebrate success, not failure); so is God. He will not accept your excuses for becoming evil. It is your choice.
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    Aug 27 2012: I'm not so sure that the universe "wants" anything from us. Consider there are roughly 10 to the 80th power of atoms in the known universe. If you understand the power of that number, you can start to grasp that there may be a probablility that atoms would "coalesce" into amino acids, and in turn into life, and further into intelligent life. Maybe we are that 1 in a 10 followed by 80 zeros probability. This number can be multiplied even further if you consider the bubble universe/multiple universe theories, which are gaining more popularity. In this example, throw in an infinite number of universes and you have an infinite number of possiblities or scenarios in which life can exist. Scientist have proven that patterns duplicate in nature and the universe. The more complex the pattern, the further the distance before that pattern appears again. One scientist has even calculated the distance for the atoms in our bodies to duplicate, and THAT distance stretches to the borders of our known universe. Consider the possibility that you may be the product of randomness in an infinite sea of particles and that the universe has become self-aware through you. ;-)
    • Aug 27 2012: This is so true we are all part of the cosmos, so the answer is much closer than we may think. What do you want?
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        Aug 27 2012: Thank you for your reply Adrinn. What I want is irrelevant in the grand scheme, however quite simply I want a life rich in happiness, loving ones close to me and having that love reciprocated. I enjoy the quest for knowledge and am entrigued about the mysteries of life and the cosmos. My mind is torn between logic and reason. Is there more to this life than just the now?
        • Aug 27 2012: Hi Jake, if you enjoy learning you can help the universe to know more about itself by lending your unique perspective. If we work together we can make this world a better place for our children to thrive in.

          Is there anything you experience directly, other than the now? I don't know how any other person would answer this, but I haven't had an experience that was truly outside of the moment.
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          Aug 27 2012: Jake and Adrinn,
          I find your "wants" very relevant Jake, because they are very similar to all of our in happiness, loving, quest for knowledge, experiencing the mysteries of life with logic and reason, etc. These are similarities that many of us share, so in the grand scheme of things, we are more the same than different, and when we realize this, we are more able to solve our global issues.

          I have not had an experience outside the moment either Adrinn.
          The past is gone by, the future is not yet a reality. The only reality is this moment, so for me, it is the most precious and important to be fully present in each and every moment:>)
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    Aug 27 2012: This is the kind of question that can drive a bright mind nuts and distract one from actually productive pursuits so I am going to give it a shot to help you move along.

    You and only you are the unique and distinct set of neurons and experiences that you are. All the universe or the cosoms wants is for you to experience your own life as fully and completely as you can for NO ONE else that is or ever was can do this. It is as though you are a terminal set of neurons to feel the universe and send back a set of impulses to the brain. You are a finger tip or a kidney for the world and humanity . So do your job with your own unique interests and skill set to the very best of your ability maximizing everything.
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    Aug 27 2012: The Cosmos wants you dead. In fact, everything outside your front door wants you dead. So remember your sunscreen; flu shots; proper clothing; means to food and water; reliable transportation; navigational data; sunglasses; defensive and protective measures; communication means; etc. etc.
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    Aug 27 2012: Nothing really, just to carry on doing what it does until it dies.
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    Aug 27 2012: Interesting. My first initial response is where is your locus of control?

    The cosmos is. It does not want anything.

    You are. Do the best you can with it. Understanding why only happens after the journey if you are lucky.

    That is all.
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    Aug 27 2012: Is the cosmos an entity capable of wanting anything? Seems to be anthropomorphising the cosmos.

    Does a rock on a hill want anything?

    I'm not sure if there is an absolute objective answer to why are we here in terms of purpose.

    A more trivial perspective to why are we here is perhaps being the result of natural processes and chance (Mother and Father meeting and having a baby etc back to the beginning of time).

    There are some blank spots we don't really know how they happened.

    This latter perspective is more about how.

    I note humans love to invent purpose and meaning and agency.
  • Sep 1 2012: If the Cosmos wants anything at all it would be:
    to experience every thing we once knew,
    but never had to go through.
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    Aug 28 2012: Johan, I will go with those who have said that the Cosmos does not, cannot, "want" anything. But I love your labeling yourself "World Citizen." Borders are only borders, and too much often is read into them.
    • Aug 28 2012: Hello Fritzie,
      The term World Citizen lives yet another generation :) but I´ve become increasingly in love with the nomad identity, for as spacecollective said, ."..the nomad has the freedom to be undefined..." , and as a fellow TEDer said, ´Naming is treacherous, for names divide truths into less truths´. The label "nomad" to me is right now the least definitive.

      It´s really great that unjustified borders are disappearing so fast! I can make out a near future when no idiocratic borders remain. I fully believe that we will have a borderless, TED-ish, polytopic, world built on science, love and wisdom sooner than our experience allows us to imagine. The Global Spring is gathering momentum :) It will be fun to tell stories of these events to my future children, it will be like the medievals to them :)
  • Aug 27 2012: We can realize a basic law in the working of the universe. It does not want to evolve into higher levels or want to express itself by it. It simply interacts within and possibly without. This interaction then creates the forms that we experience in our cosmos, these forms than carrying on the interaction. The reason for higher levels of forms is the basic law of the universe, which is: If it can be (exist) than let it be. Some of the forms of the universe that are fragile in nature (meaning without high maintenance they would not be, like living things) need to evolve other vise they can’t keep up with other forms that are do change. If the interaction between matter and form and the environment permits the existence of sad forms then these forms indeed will exist. But these forms are affecting their very own environment and trough this effect they are causing advantages and disadvantages for themselves and for others. If any form is capable of existing in this cycle, than it will. If not, than it will perish. As the situation is always changing because of the participants in it, for some forms the existence is only possible by evolving into „higher” forms. So there are no wants and needs of the universe, just a simple law. If any form or matter can exist, than it will. The very reason for why human beings are asking the question why? Is coming from our own perspective. If we would not have a why as a species (human), we would not exist. We do everything for a purpose. We eat because without it we would die. We mate, work, drink etc… because without all of our functions we would not exist. We seek purpose in everything because of it. And we tend to apply the same reasoning to everything there is. The very ability to even be able to ask the question who am I and what is my or the universe purpose is the proof of the basic law. We can ask this question, because we CAN. If we would not be able to ask we would not be homo sapience but would be something else.
  • Aug 27 2012: We are here to have a good time, to enjoy life with our contemporaries. The Cosmos told me that.. The Cosmos said, "The Rhona, I want you to have as much fun as possible while you are here and share the joy with everyone. The purpose of your life, The Rhona, is to elevate the joy level of the population and to have as much joy as you can while you live. That is all. Hugs, Kisses, Love." That is precisely what The Cosmos told me and retells me periodically.
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    Aug 27 2012: As one crazy Dater said to me once "Over and over until we get it right"
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    Aug 27 2012: Part of it wants food and sex. The rest of the cosmos doesn't seem to want anything.
  • Aug 27 2012: The cosmos wants nothing from you.

    I think your question is better phrased as "What does God want from you?.
    A totally different question/answer session, I am sure!
    • Aug 27 2012: At least a different phoneme :) I believe that it doesn´t matter what semantics are concocted to model "God"; Qi, Cosmos... every Culture has Their word. The essence of God is bigger then our symbolic language.

      Anil, what does God want from you?
      • Aug 27 2012: As long as we acknowledge who/what we are talking about!

        What does God want from me?
        Well, what does God want from ANY of us?
        I am sure I am not the only one He wants something from!

        Depending on your faiths/beliefs,
        for your calling is heavily dependent
        on the plan of salvation as defined by that belief.

        According to the Bible, it is to glorify God Himself.
        He has given each of us different abilities and gifts, and
        He is glorified in our lives when we follow his lead/plan thru these gifts..
        The real challenge is to find how He chose you and why.

        In this day and age, one of the biggest enemies we have to fight is confusion,
        which I believe is directly related to the current movement away from God.
        Quires such as What is my calling, what is sin/right/wrong, what is the truth, what is .... are sincere common questions that are asked almost rhetorically, and just as lightly answered by the unqualified, uncaring or worse, the politically correct. Part of that is deliberate, and part via mass ignorance.

        While God needs His people for many purposes; the calling to speak the truth is one that is very important one, especially at a time where confusion / uncertainty is so common.

        Speaking the truth in the light of His revelation is a calling to which I have responded to. I definitely don't have all the answers, but unlike many, I am not afraid or proud to say 'I don't know'!

        Hope this answers the question;
        it may not be the answer expected, but well, umm,.. it was asked(!)

        So now I ask you: what does He want from you?
        • Aug 27 2012: He or She? or _________? Think and live for yourself. Don't let your dead ancestors control your life. Live from your own mind, experiences, values and understandings. The religious brainwashing has universally failed. Perhaps you have noticed the vast quantities of people murdered in the past and being murdered in the present BECAUSE of the religious brainwashing they received. Let it go. Move on. Welcome to the beautiful present in which you have the power to cause positive impacts on humanity based on your own positive values and goals. You know how to live right.. Just do it. Ignore those big, fat, dusty old books and tune in to the people alive today and to your own feelings and mind. You will know what to do. Just obey your POSITIVE will. Your positive intent will guide you,
      • Aug 28 2012: 1) "He or She? or ___?"
        There is no "She" or ___ in the Bible, so you will need to explain how that applies to my previous reply.

        2) "Don't let your dead ancestors control your life."
        MY dead ancestors? to whom do you refer?
        If you are referring to the authors of the Bible (which is not clear in your statement), then I would have to ask, given that I've never met neither you nor those authors (who actually had a relatively large amount of credibility), why would I choose your advice over theirs? Why is your "advice" more authoritative than theirs?

        3) "vast quantities of people murdered "..."because of religious brainwashing"
        A bit of an empty statement. You want to might read up on Pot Pol, Stalin, and the butcher-hood of other atheistic regimes.

        The rest of your post seems to be a "don't worry, be happy" kind of philosophy.
        Well, I do not worry, and I am happy, but it isn't from fickle human feelings which change on a day to day basis. Obeying your "positive will" is certainly admirable, but I doubt very much if it can be done. Are you saying that you have never gone against your "positive will"?