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What does the cosmos want?!?!?!?

I know this topic is not meant for a web-text-conversation, that it´s deeply existential and answers are probably only perceivable through feeling rather then thought, but perhaps we could try anyway, and explore the semantics of it together. Cosmic revelations are definitely worth sharing :)

Kevin Kelly talks about the tendency of cosmos to evolve into higher levels of organization and increase in exotropy. Cosmic technology, "particles" or whatever it is, evolves on a trajectory towards higher levels of order, increased beauty and information richness, basically continuing until matter comes alive to contemplate it´s own existence... So... There´s a question that keeps echoing in me: Why???!? What IS is the cosmos WANTS?!?!?

Why are YOU here? Not your body, YOU... The YOU that exists in souls/minds/connectomes across four degrees of separation. (Only counting human minds...)

What does the cosmos want? Why is the cosmos? Why are WE here?

EDIT: There are semantics on this subject all over google, but we could discuss it anyway, perhaps we will accomplish some novelty... :)


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    Aug 28 2012: Johan, I will go with those who have said that the Cosmos does not, cannot, "want" anything. But I love your labeling yourself "World Citizen." Borders are only borders, and too much often is read into them.
    • Aug 28 2012: Hello Fritzie,
      The term World Citizen lives yet another generation :) but I´ve become increasingly in love with the nomad identity, for as spacecollective said, ."..the nomad has the freedom to be undefined..." , and as a fellow TEDer said, ´Naming is treacherous, for names divide truths into less truths´. The label "nomad" to me is right now the least definitive.

      It´s really great that unjustified borders are disappearing so fast! I can make out a near future when no idiocratic borders remain. I fully believe that we will have a borderless, TED-ish, polytopic, world built on science, love and wisdom sooner than our experience allows us to imagine. The Global Spring is gathering momentum :) It will be fun to tell stories of these events to my future children, it will be like the medievals to them :)

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