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What does the cosmos want?!?!?!?

I know this topic is not meant for a web-text-conversation, that it´s deeply existential and answers are probably only perceivable through feeling rather then thought, but perhaps we could try anyway, and explore the semantics of it together. Cosmic revelations are definitely worth sharing :)

Kevin Kelly talks about the tendency of cosmos to evolve into higher levels of organization and increase in exotropy. Cosmic technology, "particles" or whatever it is, evolves on a trajectory towards higher levels of order, increased beauty and information richness, basically continuing until matter comes alive to contemplate it´s own existence... So... There´s a question that keeps echoing in me: Why???!? What IS is the cosmos WANTS?!?!?

Why are YOU here? Not your body, YOU... The YOU that exists in souls/minds/connectomes across four degrees of separation. (Only counting human minds...)

What does the cosmos want? Why is the cosmos? Why are WE here?

EDIT: There are semantics on this subject all over google, but we could discuss it anyway, perhaps we will accomplish some novelty... :)


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  • Aug 27 2012: We can realize a basic law in the working of the universe. It does not want to evolve into higher levels or want to express itself by it. It simply interacts within and possibly without. This interaction then creates the forms that we experience in our cosmos, these forms than carrying on the interaction. The reason for higher levels of forms is the basic law of the universe, which is: If it can be (exist) than let it be. Some of the forms of the universe that are fragile in nature (meaning without high maintenance they would not be, like living things) need to evolve other vise they can’t keep up with other forms that are do change. If the interaction between matter and form and the environment permits the existence of sad forms then these forms indeed will exist. But these forms are affecting their very own environment and trough this effect they are causing advantages and disadvantages for themselves and for others. If any form is capable of existing in this cycle, than it will. If not, than it will perish. As the situation is always changing because of the participants in it, for some forms the existence is only possible by evolving into „higher” forms. So there are no wants and needs of the universe, just a simple law. If any form or matter can exist, than it will. The very reason for why human beings are asking the question why? Is coming from our own perspective. If we would not have a why as a species (human), we would not exist. We do everything for a purpose. We eat because without it we would die. We mate, work, drink etc… because without all of our functions we would not exist. We seek purpose in everything because of it. And we tend to apply the same reasoning to everything there is. The very ability to even be able to ask the question who am I and what is my or the universe purpose is the proof of the basic law. We can ask this question, because we CAN. If we would not be able to ask we would not be homo sapience but would be something else.

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