Seth Samuels

Organizer, TEDxUofM

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How can we work to extend the energy of an event like TED beyond the time it occurs, such that a greater impact is made on the world?

This question goes up against many key challenges, including human nature and unique personal motivations. Nevertheless, I believe that the first step to finding an answer involves talking about it; talking about how each one of us can take with us some fragment of energy from an event like a TED conference, a eulogy, a speech, or some other gathering that temporarily instills some kind of motivation and excitement to change.

Rather than search for a single answer (as I don't believe there is one), having a conversation about it, sharing our personal experiences with this dilemma, and even simply trading ideas are all great things that likely will create the foundation for whatever outcome will be produced.

I'm hopeful that some conclusions can be reached in time as it seems many of today's global challenges depend on this instilled energy. Thus I'm eager to use TED Conversations as a possible vehicle by which we happen upon these ideas.