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Engage people in sharing stories through StoryASKING, where the asker poses questions or ideas and asks others to share their story .

I am planning to design a deck or a notepad with StoryASKING topics for people to use to generate their personal stories, either written or oral about a specific topic of interest. I would love to hear ideas that anyone has for what to ASK about and respond to this idea.


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    Aug 26 2012: Stories answer a specific type of question. So for instance, when the waiter asks you what you would like from the menu, it would be very annoying if you replied with a story. So the best types of questions that stories answer are abstract and look for experiences and meanings. So topics like love, dying, life, children (not how many but experiences), desire, passion, etc. work well with stories.

    These questions are best asked "Tell me about a time when you..." or "Tell me anything you would like about when you experienced ..."

    People also structure their stories differently. Some are chronological and some are event focused and some are meaning focused. Why are you doing this? If I may ask.
    • Aug 27 2012: Your post is very helpful and I like the opening of "Tell me about a time....." You asked my purpose in this. I have several. I am a writer and a storyteller. I am looking for ways to support these crafts and engage teens and younger people so that oral history, memoir and personal stories will thrive. I also enjoy creative projects and came up with this idea. Thanks DIann
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        Aug 27 2012: That is great. I love storytelling and it is a tradition with my people. Some stories take three days but I am sure you keep them a little shorter:)

        Stories teach about how to walk in the world. I hope you keep that central to your work.

        My research centers on stories so I am glad you are keeping the practice of stories for the next generations to come.

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