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Engage people in sharing stories through StoryASKING, where the asker poses questions or ideas and asks others to share their story .

I am planning to design a deck or a notepad with StoryASKING topics for people to use to generate their personal stories, either written or oral about a specific topic of interest. I would love to hear ideas that anyone has for what to ASK about and respond to this idea.


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    Aug 26 2012: Diann, the first idea that came to me in response to your question was Creativity Portal's Imagination Prompt Generator. If you search for this, you will arrive at a page that poses a question. You can ask for as many new questions as you like in sequence. A question might ask about a memory of yours or your reaction to an idea.

    On another part of that site, there are photo prompts, which might give you an idea of visual cues you could use for your card deck.

    The second thing that came to my mind was a card deck I used to use in class called something like the Ungame. I have misplaced it, but again, these are prompts that could launch reflection, discussion, or storytelling. There was one deck with less challenging questions and one with more challenging questions (challenging in the sense of digging more deeply into feelings and beliefs).
    • Aug 27 2012: Thanks so much Fritzie, I am going to check our the Creativity Portal. I appreciate your feedback and help. Is the picture in your post someone you really know? What a beauty! Diann
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        Aug 27 2012: I hope you find the prompt engine there useful for your project.

        In reference to the picture, it is painted (not by me!) from a photograph of my now three year old English Bulldog.

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