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could we live past the age of 200

This in 3 parts so ill start with the obvious.
Diet. We all know that with a more healthy diet we could increase our life expectancy. Not many people get their 5 a day and those that do eat fruit probably have it all in one go in the morning, which means they have another 24 hours before they get the vital nutrients that their body needs. Research done on many antioxidant rich foods and drinks have shown that they have age slowing properties.
Secondly. Exercise, but I don't think I need to go into that, I'm pretty sure you all know the benefits.
Thirdly and this is the million dollar ingredient. "Growth hormone". GH is something that everyone from when they were born to around the age of 21 we produce a steady and constant amount of. After around 21 GH starts to deplete and Science has no answer as to why. At 30 we probably produce around 10% less than our earlier years, at 40 around 20 to 30% less, at 50 up to 50% less and so on. GH is very important for a healthy body to function correctly, it is because of this depletion scientists believe we suffer age related diseases. GH is important in the function of,
• Weight control
• healthy and youthful skin
• Increased Energy & Endurance
• Muscle tone
• Strengthen/Repair Immune System
• Natural Anti-Depressant
• Improve Sleep
• Improve Vision/Hearing
• Increase Libido
I believe that with an antioxidant rich diet of fruits, veg, green teas, dark chocolates spread throughout the day and with a safe supplement of GH which I am currently testing on myself, we can greatly increase our life expectancy.

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    Aug 26 2012: Christians already have eternal life. 200 years in this rickety old frame holds no attraction.

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    Aug 27 2012: I would make it a law that men cannot have children after 40,that way having children will give that child a maximum chance of minimal mutational occurrence.
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    Aug 26 2012: Ritchie, I am 70 and try to eat right, exercise (for muscle tone), get enough sleep, etc .... I do not do these things to live longer. I do these things so that I can enjoy life with a minimum of associated pain.

    My family lives into the hundreds and still reproduce into the 70s. So here is my theory. Do what you want to do in hopes of altering the lifespan for you or others, however, in the end (in my opinion) it is the genes that are passed down from your parents that will make the determinations.

    George Burns once said when asked about what exercise he did: "I go to the furnals of my friends that exercise."

    I am not saying that because you were lucky enough to be blessed with good genes that you should not make an effort to maintain your body and mind. However, as always, I preach everything in moderation.

    Good luck with your experiments. Bob.
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    Aug 26 2012: Genetic engineering would be the easiest way probably to achieve this, stop long life cells dying and stop telomeres separating
  • Aug 26 2012: "We all know that with a more healthy diet we could increase our life expectancy."
    Do we? Or do we just don't understand our own words anymore? There is a reason why the "5 a day" nonsense just increases the expectancy, but not the span. Because you can exspect anything, it must not happen.

    All serious data shows, that there is no health effect in diets of whatever kind.

    "Secondly. Exercise, but I don't think I need to go into that, I'm pretty sure you all know the benefits."
    You don't like to get into things of whaterver kind in general, do you?

    Exercise has no effect on lifespan too. Our lifespan increases due to increased hygiene and aviability of medical care. There have been times in history were the average joe had a physical activity close to that of semi-professional athletes of today-but a very low lifespan.

    Do horses live longer when used in equestrian sports, they exercise almost daily? House pets like dogs have a lifespan up to 20 years (rare, but happens, some races in average get 17 years old), while the wolf, who heavily exercises and diets healthy just makes round about 11 years if lucky. The difference lays in the medical aid and hygiene.

    "After around 21 GH starts to deplete and Science has no answer as to why."
    Science has lots of pretty good answer as to why that is. The body growth simply ends round that age, with good reason. It is very bad for people if given growth hormone without care, and there is no safe supplement of these.

    " I am currently testing on myself, we can greatly increase our life expectancy."
    That is like doing a handstand to prove gravity wrong. And i still wonder if you got nobody who cares for you, cos experiments with growth hormone can be life-threatening to you. Hopefully you just got acess to faked gh without effect, that will in your case increase your lifespan indeed.
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    Aug 26 2012: in your opinion.
    • Aug 26 2012: May it be an opinion, but please describe to me the 200 year old man. Moreover, please explain to me how in the world would we conserve resources for a human population that could reach 200 years old on Earth.
  • Aug 26 2012: If we could live to 200, we would not want to live 200. Just imagine the horror of what a 200 year old man would look like. Moreover, the birth versus death ratio would be so ridiculously disproportional that there would no possible method of preserving enough resources for mankind. In simpler words, the sheer concept of mankind living to 200 years old is a unspeakable horror that goes against nature in so many ways.
  • Aug 26 2012: yes
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    Aug 26 2012: They work together in a sort of perfect harmony. A proper diet cant increase life expectancy. Good levels of GH can increase life expectancy. Together they are America.
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      Aug 26 2012: America? I think 'supersize me' would be a bit more realistic on this topic... ;o)
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    Aug 26 2012: 'I intend to life forever... so far, so good!'

    This is what came to my mind when I read your idea. Certainly a balanced diet would increase health expectancy, yet I do not understand how this relates to the GH benefits you mentioned.