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The Future of Economics

In a decaying world economy, it seems that we are more than ever in the need of a replacement or perhaps simply in the need of evolving the concept of economy, into a sustainable one.

Some say that unlimited economic progress in a world of finite natural resources is bound to collapse while other conclude that if we can move from non-consumption to consumption, we can also move from consumption back to non-consumption.

So, where do we go from here? What is the future of economics?


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    Sep 2 2012: In my opinion, I think that economy is going towards a new vision to intend manufacturing system. Today, thanks to the economic crisis (or the financial crisis), to survive inside the market competition, companies are not interested any more in profits. A successful can be built taking care of social problems. This can be a great point of strenght for realising a social capitalism where the profit means social accountability and wellbeing for people and not only business for entrepreneurs.
    • Sep 7 2012: Social capitalism sounds like a noble idea, but I honestly don't think this would solve the problem. A monetary system requires constant economic growth. This growth does not take our natural resources into account, which in result is not sustainable. Sustainable for our economy yes, but not our natural resources that feed, clothe and shelter us. All people need clean water, food, clothes and shelter. This can only be provided by intelligently allocating our finite resources based on the needs of the people. It's that simple.
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        Sep 9 2012: Thanks for your contribute. Sure, "social capitalism" may sound like a noble idea. Maybe it is not a great solution, but what about the other ones? Both capitalism and communism failed their purposes. So the great challenge is to find a third path. Yes, "social capitalism" could not be the right way to solve definitively the issue. So, the question is: "Is it possible to grow without profit?".

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