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What do you think is the biggest mistake corporate America has made in the last 5 years

Either answer with one word or phrase and if you choose to explain, that would be great.

Cutting training and development. Not investing in employees results in...


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    Aug 26 2012: There has never been a hidden agenda in corporations: Solicit investors, manufacture goods, distribute goods, sell goods, make a profit, pay dividends to investors.

    The problems come from union demands, government interference, and poor assement of supply and demand. I think that there was a need for unions but they have went far past their original purpose and have aligned themselves with almost radical socialistic intent. The government by its continued growth has made a need for regulating and taxing corporate america. We are on the verge of "killing the golden goose". Through the administrations of Carter and Clinton the forced banks to loan for homes to people that could not possiabally meet the obligations. Through executive orders the administration is essentially forcing the power industry to eliminate the coal fired power plants which will cause even worse unemployment with no plan on how to fill power needs that will occur on the grid. Political payoffs to corporations (the green failures), the auto industry (we still own 41%), and hundreds of other interferences into commerce.

    Corporations biggest mistake was to not go into suvival mode, as they are now, and outsource labor and manufacturing. Steve Jobs stated this well when he explained why he went to China with his business. Big money and many corporations now see better opportunities overseas. Millionaires are taking their money to Hong Kong who understands the economics and financial needs of the wealthy. Our banks are feeling the loss and other countries are thanking our administration for making this possible for them.

    Answer: The biggest mistake was not outsourcing, moving headquarters and operations as soon as Cap and trade and other government/union mandates became a threat to their survival.

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      Aug 27 2012: Bob, thank you for your response.

      I was in 3 unions over the course of my professonal career and have family members that are both reps or in unions now so excuse me if I don't have a "hardlined" resply. While I understand it is for the protection of those who seemingly may not have a voice, I see the pros and cons of it today. The areas where unions still hail, their whole structure is stuck in that day and time, which yes is detrimental to the industry being more innovative and approaching their financial outlook and approach differently that may positively affect the bottom line.

      Have a great weekend.
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        Aug 27 2012: Regarding your family union history, your reply was kind. Thank you. However, I am sorry that the only thing you took away was the two time that unions were mentioned.

        Our investors are taking their money out of country. By executive orders and the establishment of 32 new czars we are regulating and taxing companies into bankrupcy and taking their corporation overseas. We are in a crisis. The white house has already stated that the deficit for next year will be an additional 3 trillion dollars and has no plans to stop the bleeding. Unions are part of the problem as they continue to make demands as the ship is going under water but the administration fired the torpedeo that sunk the ship.

        Corporations are in survival mode and we should be concerned. Concerned hell I'm scared.
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          Aug 27 2012: Bob I totally understand where our jobs are going and. What is even scarier is our sensitive foundations are being outsourced as well with connections that can totally collapse our identity. I.e. healthcare and financial and insurance records. Experienced all of this firsthand as well and to say it was unsettling is an understatement.

          We are a trillion dollars in debt with a diminishing military resource to defend our selves and financial future.

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