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What do you think is the biggest mistake corporate America has made in the last 5 years

Either answer with one word or phrase and if you choose to explain, that would be great.

Cutting training and development. Not investing in employees results in...


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    Aug 26 2012: Corporate America is not one body any more than government is one body. They act individually.
    The gargantuan difference is that corporations have to respond to the market place except the one that are in bed with government. The Solyndra's and other "green companies"...

    When corporations fail in their one purpose, which is to serve their customers, they go out of business.

    When government organizations fail they are given more subsidies.

    I don't buy the premise corporate America doesn't make many mistakes, government on the other hand is an accumulation of it's citizens irresponsibility and incestuous cabals.
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      Aug 26 2012: Thank you Pat. Interesting thoughts.
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        Aug 26 2012: There is interesting used as a pejorative again. Not that I would think to engage you in a real conversation about this, just pointing out to others...
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          Aug 26 2012: Pat I am in the middle of traveling and my "interesting" is so misunderstood by you right now. Actually it led me to a few other thoughts that were in support of what you contributed. Have a good day.
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        Aug 26 2012: Fair enough. Do tell.
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      Aug 27 2012: Pat you are very right and to take it futher, a failed company is still rewarded for the financial loss in a sense and it is the American public that pay for that loss. There is little fiscal responsibility on either side with the array of loopholes created by a generation that had it already made up in their mind, there would always be an "out" as to not lose any wealth and letting the "little people" pay for it. Unfortunately the country was built on this very thing and the mindset just reverberates throughout any governing body...corporate or otherwise.

      Thank you for your contribution. Have a great week.
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        Aug 27 2012: What? It is real simple if you can't pay your bills you go out of business with chapter 13 or 7 or...

        Your statement is ambiguous and is really just conjecture.

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