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What do you think is the biggest mistake corporate America has made in the last 5 years

Either answer with one word or phrase and if you choose to explain, that would be great.

Cutting training and development. Not investing in employees results in...


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  • Aug 26 2012: Yeah the biggest mistake was probably when the big bank leaders knowingly dived into the whole economic crisis. They were so rich and care-free that they felt no connection to what was about to happen. They probably still don't. When you're rich it doesn't really matter. Hence why all the people with control are terrible.

    Control + Money = Disconnection = Abandonment of the people.
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      Aug 27 2012: Yes, the financial structure that totally manipulates how we operate is a true culprit. As I move in global spaces, I see and understand how it happens and it is interesting the power that few have to affect many.

      Stuart thank you for contributing. Have a great week!

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