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Maybe we dont need sleep after-all

After looking into and researching sleep, all I have found are many theories. No scientist actually knows the purpose of sleep. Some suggest its so we can recharge our batteries after a long day, but studies suggest that the amount of energy saved from a good sleep is equivalent to that of eating a round of toast.
In the 1960s a guy called Randy Gardner stayed awake for 11 days, his first 5 days were hard going, but after the 5th day he started to level out. On his last day, reports suggest he seemed of normal health and was even beating some of the people present at pinball.
I believe the reason we feel the need to sleep is because of an addiction to chemicals released when we do. This is why after a few days without sleep we start to experience "cold turkey" and the experiences are almost identical to those of a person coming off drugs. I also believe that these chemicals might be slightly neuro toxic, this being the reason as we get older our brain starts to degenerate. Again i point to people who have gone past the 5 day mark and have leveled out, makes me wonder, could they have carried on further. I believe sleep is our bodies response head injuries or other problems in the head. This is why we always feel sleepy when we have a head ache. Sleep is meant as the bodies general anesthetic to knock us out while it heals. But we have abused this natural drug and it slowly eats away at us........ It is 2:30 in the morning so im off to bed.


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    Aug 26 2012: I would be more than willing to experiment. But unfortunately I don't have the controlled environment in which I would like to carry out such a test.

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