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Is the US an imperialistic power? Why or why not? And if it is, is it benefiting the world as a whole, or simply the US's own interests?

Many people around the world have a view of the US as being an imperialistic power, is it? If so, there certainly are positives and negatives. Some may argue the US is simply following its own interests, while others may say it is providing a better world by bringing security and peace. Please provide your respectful opinions with supporting evidence.


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  • Aug 26 2012: The US isn't an Imperialist power. It just happens to be where most of the money is. Money is imperialistic.
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      Aug 26 2012: This is the forever mantra that keeps you blind and keeps the world suffering. How dare you? Is it so that you can sleep at night and ignore all the evidence?
      • Aug 26 2012: Hmmmmm? It just makes sense that a government will only do what it is pressured into.

        Money = control = pressure to do what the money dictates.

        It just so happens to be that the big money is in the US, and the US has the most resources, so the big money manipulates the US to do things for the sake of the big money people. This is turn leads to smaller follower countries such as the UK diving into it all too.

        Money talks, war is business, etc.

        I'm not American.

        I know what you were saying - it's true that people are blind to their own country's problems. A lot of British people (I'm British) think our military is somehow different from the others in the world. It's some kind of knock-on effect from the stuff they teach us in school about the greatness of the British Empire and the heroics of world war 2. Modern day Britons live in a pretty dark shadow, and it's only the general stereotyping and propaganda that gives them this strange pride for such awful things. And so I conclude that Americans are the same. They aren't stupid, they're just unaware. Same goes for religious people, actually. As much as I hate religion, it's just down to accidental ignorance.

        Anyway just think about what I said...

        Money is imperialism.

        Why? Because the only motivation for any kind of war is for personal gain for the attacker. Capitalism, acquisition, imperialism, etc - all general derivatives of a system where people want more.

        And so... of course there needs to be more strength in the people of governments, but money, without questionable doubt, is the controlling factor, and that is why bad things happen.

        Consider most of Africa, with all it's poverty advertised daily. Try telling me a continent the size of Europe (or bigger?) doesn't have enough fertile land to feed its people. So... why are they all starved? It's probably something to do with the big money from foreign investors taking all the resources.

        Money, money, money. That's the problem.
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          Aug 26 2012: Your critque is more than valid and I apologize,Stuart. Thank you for correcting me so well and so kindly.

          I admit to thinking it was simply another hollow justification by an American.

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