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Is the US an imperialistic power? Why or why not? And if it is, is it benefiting the world as a whole, or simply the US's own interests?

Many people around the world have a view of the US as being an imperialistic power, is it? If so, there certainly are positives and negatives. Some may argue the US is simply following its own interests, while others may say it is providing a better world by bringing security and peace. Please provide your respectful opinions with supporting evidence.


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    Aug 25 2012: Zaid, FYI it would have been very helpful to know your home land in order to better form a response. The age of Imperialism is essentially gone ... ending in the mid 1800's. The term is currently used in international propaganda as a pejorative for expandsionist and aggressive foreign policy. However, by defination Imperialism operates from the center, it is a state policy, and is developed for the ideological as well as finacial reasons. Whereas Colonialism is nothing more than development for a settlement or commerical intentions.

    I make no attempt to justify the US policies and quite honestly do not believe that Secretary of State Clinton acts in the best interests of the United States or in good faith to other countries. I can say that in the USA, however, if we were a imperialistic nation I would not be allowed that priviladge as it would defy state policy. I would ask that you and others evaluate the known facts and history before accepting the propaganda of those who wish the United States ill.

    In the final analysis the decision is up to each of us on how to view others.

    All the best. Bob.
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      Aug 25 2012: It must be in ALL our interests in a world that is so very and totally connected.

      As one of the most vocal and some might believe, most critical persons of the USA on this site, I have to say that I am NEVER trying to hurt your nation or more especially your people. I am however, reporting the realities of my life as it has been influenced by your government or agencies or corporations which I see as empowered by your people in my own land. and I live in your neighbouring country where even basic manners dictate that one treat a neighbour well because you have to witness what you do. Unfortunately Canadians in general are more stoic than I can maintain and i need you to know what the effects are and I have written extensively about it on other questions as recently as today.

      I am TRYING to return love to you in return for all the harm, and even mindless or entitled pain that your nation has given ours, as someone who is trying to get you to see. If you see and if you act, you can prevent the pain I see around us both.

      Until now, I think your people might have thought you were in this alone, that it was your pain to bear and I hope I am demonstrating that we all feel this pain-world wide- so let's somehow work together to make it better.

      i know you are proudly independent. It is one of your great charms but when men love women, as an illustrative parallel, they do learn to be more tender and more humble and more open to help.
      In this spirit, I offer this song, that I heard for the first time today to your nation as an encouragement. It starts out in a sad place but the will to live - the will to make a life - the will that brought me out of a coma to drive you all nuts- is embodied in it to me. It is called 'Fire it up"

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        Aug 26 2012: Deb, That is redundant to say that women are vocal and critical. (The devil made me say that) LOL.

        HOWEVER, It is entirely possible that yoour reply was to another question. ..." When men love a women they do learn to be more tender ...."

        I am trying hard to link that to the question: Is the US A Imperalistic Power?

        Can we reverse the coma thing .... sleep debra ... sleep debra ... Sleep .....

        See ya buddy. Bob.
      • Aug 26 2012: Debra,
        I am sorry that was kind of confusing, can you please rephrase what you are trying to say?
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          Aug 26 2012: I will try, thankyou for the opportunity. Let me know if the revision is clearer.
          My 2nd response to Bob is all I have to say on this topic to that fine man.
      • Aug 26 2012: Thank you Debra for your opinion, so I understand from you that you say the US is an imperial power, can you please explain how and why your opinion is as such?
    • Aug 26 2012: Robert,
      Thank you for your comment. My homeland has nothing to do with this as I am simply asking everyone's opinions on this subject no matter where they are from. Imperialism does not necessarily mean aggressive foreign policy or colonialism, but rather the economic, military, and cultural influence over other nations. As Mark has said, some positives are the rebuilding of Europe which has brought prosperity to all. I think it is a modern day imperialistic power but that does not necessarily connect with "evil propaganda". There are currently hundreds of military bases in over 36 countries around the world. This is supposed to keep security and protect American interests. The US is the world's biggest aid donor as well.
      • Aug 26 2012: The US might be the biggest aid donor but... I once read that their foreign aid is dwarfed by the amount of free aid they give to Israel alone. Hmmmmm........ What's with that? Surely there are other places where the aid would be much better used..?


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