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Neil Armstrong has died today at age of 82. In light of his memory and achievement for mankind, who has been your greatest role model & why?

Neil's death is yet another proof that it really does not matter how you leave this earth or to where, rather than what you do or accomplish on it.

Who has been your greatest role model who has shifted progression - no matter how small (on a personal scale) or large (on a historical global scale)? and why?


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    Sep 16 2012: actually i didn'thave one ,i am a chinese ,everyday i just do my own business,nor do i care abut it .we chinese usually do not talk about something like this .we may say that how wonderful mj dances,we just see his moves.oh god .we do not adore someone.we think that we ourselves are the best ! what about your country .and how do your people purchase a star?is it crazy?
    • Sep 18 2012: I think the problem with a lot of people, mainly Americans, is we try to emulate our idols or people that inspire us, more often than utilizing them as motives for inspired improvement. I think everyone should have someone motivate them in a means of how they can make themselves better than that person or industry or profession or whatever it may be. But I feel the same way as you in a sense, I know there are people better than me at what I do however, but I do what I can to exceed those limits and make me the best. lol

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