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Neil Armstrong has died today at age of 82. In light of his memory and achievement for mankind, who has been your greatest role model & why?

Neil's death is yet another proof that it really does not matter how you leave this earth or to where, rather than what you do or accomplish on it.

Who has been your greatest role model who has shifted progression - no matter how small (on a personal scale) or large (on a historical global scale)? and why?


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  • Sep 3 2012: Having had some more time to give thought to this conversation I have to add that many of my patients have truly been heros and role models for me. I've seen people that would pass as ordinary folks face suffering and death with grace and equaminity. Unfortunately some others have taught me that you can't deal with - that is "face" anything if you're running like h*ll in the opposite direction - a very valuable lesson for me.
    • Sep 17 2012: I have had some unfortunate things happen in my life and have been on the receiving end of medical care, so I would like to reciprocate and tell you that some of the doctors and nurses that I have met are people whose sense of compassion and desire to help are truly remarkable. It puts them in that special class of people whom everyone should have the privilege of meeting.

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