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Neil Armstrong has died today at age of 82. In light of his memory and achievement for mankind, who has been your greatest role model & why?

Neil's death is yet another proof that it really does not matter how you leave this earth or to where, rather than what you do or accomplish on it.

Who has been your greatest role model who has shifted progression - no matter how small (on a personal scale) or large (on a historical global scale)? and why?


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    Aug 31 2012: My Mother, Louise, is my greatest role model. She raised 5 children on her own (3yrs-15yrs old) when she became a Widow at the age of 41. She had the opportunity to receive Welfare and Church donations - She would not want to accept either.

    Here's part of an amazing conversation I had with my Mother on her 85th Birthday:

    We were alone chatting and I asked why she never accepted Church or Welfare help when she was first widowed ?
    " What type of lesson would I have taught my children if I didn't show them they had to earn everything by themselves, and never plan on anyone helping them when times are difficult..." she replied.......and Mom was right - My outlook on life would have been completely different. I would have gladly embraced government help at 14 years old.

    "One regret I have" she said, "..was that only 1 of my 5 children attends Church regularly...what did I do wrong? " she asked.
    "Nothing! " I replied, " I know everyone believes in God and they are all good people....I did not like the confinement or routine of the mass . I feel very close to God when I am in Nature or drawing, painting, working on my art...I would get a ' Natural-High' and feel very close to God."
    "Really?!" Mother replied, "That's EXACTLY how I feel when I am in Church! "
    We both laughed!
    Mom was thrilled to know she did nothing wrong - we all found God in our own way....
    And now I understood why she wanted to go to church every day...to get her " Natural High" - that helped her through that day.

    My Mother taught me I can do anything - If - ..I am interested in it, ..I work hard at it, ..I don't give up until I accomplish it.

    My Mother passed away suddenly the week after her 85th birthday.
    All of her children were happily married, and she had 10 amazing Grandchildren
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      Sep 1 2012: A good deity would want people to be positively productive, with a constructive attitude.
    • Sep 3 2012: Well said. God is everywhere and in every action.
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        Sep 4 2012: How true Angela! ... you sound like my Mom!... :)
    • Sep 4 2012: nice. role model. its motivating just reading about it.

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