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Neil Armstrong has died today at age of 82. In light of his memory and achievement for mankind, who has been your greatest role model & why?

Neil's death is yet another proof that it really does not matter how you leave this earth or to where, rather than what you do or accomplish on it.

Who has been your greatest role model who has shifted progression - no matter how small (on a personal scale) or large (on a historical global scale)? and why?


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  • Aug 29 2012: Nikola Tesla is one of my biggest hero's, not a role model because he was terrible business man, for example he managed to intern for Thomas Edison in a short time being there he had been promoted to the assistant to Edison. Edison asked him to redesign two turbines need for his Direct Current, Edison offered him 50000$ to do the work so he did and when he asked Thomas about the payment the reply was you just don't understand American humor. But this didn't stop him, he had an amazing mind that could visualize objects quite clearly until he tried to touch them. Another reason I like him is because of his dream for free and wireless electricity for the entire world. He tried to make the earth a conductor so whenever you needed electricity all you would have to do is stick a mettle pole into the ground. He was an inventor and idealist, trying to make the world a better place. Unfortunately his life was cut short with mass amounts of debts. He is probably the most under appreciated inventor of his time.
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      Sep 1 2012: And what was stopping him from being an inventor and a keen business man at the same time? Do these two professions require that disparate traits that can't be fulfilled in parallel in one person?
      • Sep 3 2012: I don't think they do. But it requires alot of mental capacity and expansiveness of the mind. Practice.
    • Sep 5 2012: I first learned about him on this really funny sheet http://theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla. Then I googled him. He is indeed an inspiration, and he was a bad business man, which is not a bad human quality.

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