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How can the 99% of the US change the direction the 1% have taken this country in? Without violence?

We hear so much about class warfare and the 1% running the country with their millions of dollars in contributions, how can we re-establish the moral fiber, return regulations to corporations and bring pride back to the greatest country in the world by peaceful means?

  • Aug 25 2012: A second idea that is necessary to get our government to govern again is to get rid of gerrymandering.

    Until recently the courts have refused to stop this practice because there was no scientifically validated better way to establish the boundaries of election districts. I read that scientists involved in game theory are now attempting to develop a method and demonstrate that it is fair and objective. This could make a huge difference by forcing our representatives to appeal to all types of voters, not just the voters of their own party.

    Another possible approach is to pass a Constitutional Amendment to establish a fair and objective method. This would probably have to be done at the state level..
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    Aug 25 2012: Gene Sharp may have some answers to your question:

    'He is known for his extensive writings on nonviolent struggle, which have influenced numerous anti-government resistance movements around the world.' (Wikipedia)
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    Gail .

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    Aug 25 2012: The problem is that people are functionally uneducated and they are told that this state of affairs is educated. The people do not know how MUCH they do not know. In the USA (at least) critical thinking skills and creativity have been squelched by public education - with a direct purpose in mind. The mission statement for the Dept. of Education states that purpose. They have been told provable outright lies about their own history to make them believe that they should support a system that uses them like toilet paper.

    In the US, VERY few know what every lawyer in congress learned in first year law school. The US lost its constitutional government in 1819 in a bloodless coup d'etat when the Supreme Court unconstitutionally ASSUMED the power it has today before it threw out the Constitution as the law of the land and instituted British Common Law.

    The Brits, and other countries who operate under British Common Law also speak of their constitution. But when they do so, they refer to an UNWRITTEN constitution - a body of judicial precedents and governmental laws. When an American elected official speaks of the Constitution, that person speaks of the UNWRITTEN constitution - knowing full well that you think that they are referring to the WRITTEN constitution.

    When government blindsides the citizens that it views as the enemy, and uses every trick possible to make them hate one another (divide & conquor), what chance do we have?

    Not only are Americans unfamiliar with their own REAL history, it is a rare American who understands how our economic model works and how it is intentionally working against the poor in order to profit the wealthiest who own the politicians.

    If Americans, who think they're educated, don't know that they're not, how can they ever know that it's time to climb out of that prison of ignorance that was indoctrinated into them?

    It begins with people educating themselves - properly this time.
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    Aug 25 2012: you might have heard much about class warfare and the 1% running the country. but it is still false. the country is pretty much run by the 99%. only after decades of ignorance, recklessness, selfishness and shortsightedness, now you start to reap the "fruits" of your bad decisions, and so looking for the scapegoat.
  • Aug 25 2012: Get involved in democracy. Run for office. Support candidates who want real change.

    A conservative (don't remember his name) has convinced many members of Congress to sign a pledge to not raise taxes. This has proved to be a very effective instrument because politicians cannot afford to renege on a written pledge.

    I suggest having candidates sign a commitment to refuse any donations from anyone other than their own electorate, and not accept any donations greater than $100.

    With the internet, anyone who is interested can find out candidates' views and positions, so a lot of money is not really needed for the democratic process to work.

    If just one candidate can get elected after signing this commitment, the news will spread the idea and it might just catch on.
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    Aug 24 2012: People need education and intelligence and people need to start caring.

    How can 1 of genius hope to defeat 99 of geniuses (a society of geniuses)?