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Asexuality: An Ideal Future?

I've recently realized that nearly all the information about sexuality I've observed has failed to touch on a very important orientation. Many people either fail or refuse to consider asexuality a sexual orientation since there are so many opinions as to exactly what it is. Many believe that Nikola Tesla was asexual. That theory, I believe, should be considered more carefully.
Could asexuality be a path for human evolution? By asexuality, I'm referring to the most logical definition (for procreation purposes.) According to a Wikipedia interpretation, it could be viewed as having no uncontrollable sexual/reproducing urges, yet still possessing the ability to do so if necessary. Some prefer to be involved in a romantic relationship, but don't feel sexual urges nearly as often as the average person. On most occasions, when aroused, an asexual person might prefer D.I.Y.
There are many reasons why a person might feel this way towards sex, however, asexuality due to an overactive mind is the preferred cause. As an example, Tesla was supposedly "celibate" his entire life. In turn, he accomplished more than most of us can comprehend. If only everyone was so productive. Hans Rosling, in his TED Talk, "The Magic Washing Machine" addressed the revolution that the washing machine brought about for women's education. By freeing so much time, women were able to dedicate themselves to activities like reading and learning.
Sex takes up FAR more time in our lives than we might realize. We are much like the domestic house cat. When in "heat," the female will "flaunt." The male, in response begins to "prowl." This is reflected in humans as females decorating themselves (spending many hours and dollars) and males constantly searching....all with one thing in mind, regardless of whether or not they act out in the end. Is asexuality just an abnormality in the thinking process or could it create a biological branch from the current path of evolution? Would it be beneficial or harmful?


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  • Aug 29 2012: Asexuality is a maladaptive aberration and not beneficial at all.

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