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Changing the Management Focus to Long-Term Value Creation

The basic idea is to create a blueprint that could be applied by any society:

1. Thoroughly SWOT (Strength/ Weaknessess/ Opportunities/ Threats) analysis

2. Thoroughly research of foreign demand (customers/ neighbouring regions)

3. SMART plan of action (Specific/Measurable/Acceptable/Realistic/Timebound)


Export: Goods and Services to meet foreign demand

Import: Tools and Sustainable Technologies to increase own productivity, self-sufficiency and Long-Term Value Creation for generations to come

5. Getting citizens out of debt through fundraising and mutual support

6. Introducing/ Implementing:

Purchasing Tax of 10% of all Goods and Services divided by the Population = Monthly Basic Income for one citizen

The advantage of this is:

- Richer people buy more and pay more taxes this way
- A higher degree of financial equality
- A social safety net/ positive energy/ motivation
- Citizens are able to pay for health care and education
- An increasing demand of goods and services = new jobs

7. SOLS: Self-organized learning systems (Public internet access for children/ Free education)

8. Teach:
- Democracy (Political Transparency through open decisions with published names of voters)
- Monetary Theory (Debt-traps/ advantages of a higher degree of financial equality)
- Sustainability (Creating Sustainable Environmental win-win situations)
- Entrepreneurship (Economics/ Decision Making/ Scarcity)
- First Aid and Medicine (Basic Healthcare)

9. Anual evaluation of improvements through another thoroughly SWOT analysis and by comparing it with the first SWOT analysis that has been made

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    Aug 24 2012: Why do you think all of those tools haven't been implemented before?

    If you wish society to evolve, THE reason was to be removed first.