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Is knowledge gained from mathematics influenced by our culture? Or does it have no relation with our culture?

Does our culture play a role in the knowledge gained from mathematics?


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    Aug 24 2012: Could you elaborate on what you mean by knowledge gained through mathematics? Are you asking whether the uses to which we put mathematics are influenced by culture? Are you asking, for example, whether conclusions derived through data analysis are more seriously considered or received by some cohorts of people than by others because of their different beliefs and the issues they consider most urgent?
    • Aug 24 2012: Im asking lets say we learn something from mathematics, is that thing that we have learnt related to our culture? And if so why? Has what we have learnt from mathematics been influenced by our culture?
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        Aug 24 2012: Thanks. I did understand that clearly from your original post. I just do not understand what you mean by it.

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