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Modern day propaganda

While searching for ex-Yu propaganda posters, I couldn't help but wonder-...
Are we nowdays subject to more subtile form of propaganda?
Is it coming from corporations or governments, or can we even make a difference between the two?
Where in the World are the people more influenced by it?
Is it the "free" West, or communist countries, or maybe states with non secular governments?


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    Aug 25 2012: Marija

    From a Croatian perspective could you give us some examples where you see this in the west or even Eastern Europe.
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      Aug 29 2012: I don't think what I hear in the media is much different from the story of the West. That actually is what I'm worried about. What we hear in the news is the same thing what USA, of french, or UK citizens hear.
      Our media don't judge US invading other countries, they call people protesting on wallstreet hippies, and we are apparently "Friends of Syria".
      And if you disagree, you must be some kind of extremist.
      I feel I'm not getting the whole picture, and I want to. Think about all the people who don't even question! Who and what do they vote for? Do they even know?
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        Aug 30 2012: Here's a link site that's very simple,it doesn't cover all the planets agencies but it might help,i found it by following a journalist who was looking for unbiased news media,he said it's a start.


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