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Modern day propaganda

While searching for ex-Yu propaganda posters, I couldn't help but wonder-...
Are we nowdays subject to more subtile form of propaganda?
Is it coming from corporations or governments, or can we even make a difference between the two?
Where in the World are the people more influenced by it?
Is it the "free" West, or communist countries, or maybe states with non secular governments?


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    Aug 25 2012: It started with Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, whom the communist countries said they learned everything they knew about propaganda.

    I would ask where do you separate culture from propaganda? Reality can be defined as agreement, a culture can be defined as agreement.

    One of the main tools of advertising is emotion. You would see marketing for a markets that you are not the demographic for, football or beer advertising, as silly but one that you are the demographic for will be the ones you might be less aware of .

    A lot of it also has to with the emotional state of the individual. You would market differently to an angry demographic than a cheerful demographic.

    I would Look at what you are being subjected to and try and discern what the advertisers intention is.
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      Aug 25 2012: But I feel it goes beyond selling products.
      Tthe situation we're in is much worse than just the ads on TV. The numbing of population is much more effective than raising emotions, because if people don't care, you don't have to persuade them that bombing another country is a good thing.

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